Dr Joe is a skin specialist who believes that he can make even a crow look fair.

One day a startup founder Jim goes to his clinic…

Joe ‘hey your face is fully tanned.. I will recommend pills for you’

At evening Jim is surprised to read the tablet side effects ”potential skin cancer”

Jim begins reading all the medicine components and finds that sun protection creams too have this element if excessively used”

Jim rushes to Dr Joe..

Jim ”common.. you cannot experiment with human”

Dr Joe smiles..

Dr Joe ”dear face sells.. many want to look beautiful. It is like cigerate smoking is dangerous to health, same way excessive cosmetics is dangerous too”

Jim ”I guess.. you may need to just use orange peel, curd, honey and mix it or a combination of milk to remove tan”

Dr Joe ”Genius.. all through google right”

Jim ”yes”

Dr Joe ”Tanning is a process to protect your skin from UVR…  Ultra Violet Rays..  the only issue is when your skin keeps darkening further.. over pigmentation or you have sun burns”

Jim ”I do not want to eat those tablets at all”

Dr Joe ”Ok… Just apply fuller clay (multani mitti) flour for 10 minutes every night and get going”

After 5 months..

Jim comes up with a product ”TAN CLEAR” and meets Dr Joe

Dr Joe ”oh.. so now you have become medical representative”

Jim ”no.. I actually researched further and came up with my own product.. herbal one”

Dr Joe ”common.. not again.. network marketing?”

Jim ”No.. but it would be great if you recommend my product to patients”

Dr Joe ”smart boy… what commission?”

Jim ”50%”

Dr Joe ”cool… done”


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