1 lesson of life

If Jane doesn’t like a particular habit of her boy friend she just says ‘stop doing it’ else I will leave you.

Her boyfriend Jack feels his girl friend should accept him as it is.

One day Jane indeed leaves her boyfriend for smoking his butt out as ever..

Jack realizes this habit of his has made him loose a good person..

He begins trying to reduce his smoking habit.

Moral of story: We can always change through self realization and self willingness more then anything else.


Lord Ganesha – 2017

Lord Ganesha returns back to India and finds a huge change in way of thinking within span of 1 year..


Few years back, the construction in rural areas were happening in pockets, full swing but then with Aadhar and linking everything to Aadhar, the tile industry, cement.. every where a slump..

The CAs are working hard to file returns per month and at grass root levels, it is taxation hitting all round..

The positive strengths of demonetization and GST is that discipline process has just begun..

But the Lord is also sad that a big disparity between HAVES and HAVE NOTS have come in..    A message loud and clear that offshoring will face challenge not because of US focuses on their own unemployment issues but because of skill development..

Lord is surprised that education has become unaffordable for many and though government keeps having multiple skill development initiatives, where is the zeal to teach?

Multiple entrepreneurship initiatives have been undertaken, but the struggle to get investors continue.

All hope miraculously that Lord will solve the problem one day..

Lord Ganesha is happy that the same zeal, enthusiasm continues and the respect too exists for him as always, and as always hopes that education system may get more innovative and reach out at all villages of country and hopes individuals begin improving self further through self-discipline, modest consumption pattern and think of more savings for better future of their kids and next generation.

Lord Ganesha is the same.. Loving, Giving, Forgiving and Kind and wants similar compassion built in all.


10 Hypothesis of Life

  1. We will be looked after by someone or the other.
  2. Whatsoever happens, will happen for good.
  3. Keep working and do not worry of returns.
  4. Strike when iron is hot.
  5. Lead by example.
  6. Break complex problems to simple steps, solutions emerges more easily.
  7. Health is wealth
  8. If you love someone, just free it from self, it will always be with you
  9. Friendship is sweet responsibility, never an opportunity
  10. After ever dark phase, bright one will emerge too.





Much as Rose wanted to avoid getting cold and cough, she would invariably be sneezing.

May be the pollen or what.. not sure..

One day as she was sneezing..

Frank ‘hey .. why you are using handkerchief… use tissue papers’

Rose ”common.. who are you to poke your nose in between”

Frank ”just a road side traveler.. some drops came on my shirt too ”

Rose ”oh am sorry.. ” and again sneeze”

Frank ”dear.. just use eucalyptus oil.. all will be fine”

Rose ”salesman?”

Frank ”no.. my mom makes them.. back in Mexico”

Rose ”oh I see” and again sneezes

Frank ”Single?”

Rose ”why..so ”

Frank ”just had a break.. so wanting to check if I can have a new friend”

Rose again sneezes and wipes her hand in his jacket

Rose ”friends.. and extends hand”

Frank ”extends hand and feels it wet”

Frank ”never knew friendship can get so sticky so fast”

Both burst laughing


Diminishing borders

the borders kept diminishing but for ones who needed a clean demarcation. the war was not for reasons of freedom but for physical borders so what if internet reduced the distance, tools helped people see each other, but the border was still needed, the progress of one outside border still worried ones inside.. the haves and have nots, the border kept increasing till little boy Aba said ”i only need 1 feet to stand and 7 x 4 to rest eventually, and with nature giving each, its own; why this quest for conquer, when we even learnt somewhere that trade can happen successfully between two locations in different boundaries.. love too can happen, more passionately, more intense without any boundaries.. Aba in his political research just wondered WHY.. and that emerged as his research gap, as to understand Why, he would need to understand psychology of deprived one.. but poor little deprived one.. never even thought of WHY as they got lost somewhere fighting for a cause to safeguard boundaries or conquer boundaries.. without knowing reasons but wishing reasons for celebration once it is achieved.. and label it freedom


A Pad, a tool to cover the stains, a safety to help senior citizens with disorders to feel free to release as and when needed. Just need a fresh bath subsequently.. and everything is fine.

With diapers costing over 1$ to 10$, why not bring in innovation to pad and just get going. A world with over 1 billion plus population, with at least 10% kids and 30% senior citizens.. just go out all the way for Sanitation competition.

Innovations in Sanitation focuses, is what social entrepreneur PAD decided when he got into journey couple of years back.