Diminishing borders

the borders kept diminishing but for ones who needed a clean demarcation. the war was not for reasons of freedom but for physical borders so what if internet reduced the distance, tools helped people see each other, but the border was still needed, the progress of one outside border still worried ones inside.. the haves and have nots, the border kept increasing till little boy Aba said ”i only need 1 feet to stand and 7 x 4 to rest eventually, and with nature giving each, its own; why this quest for conquer, when we even learnt somewhere that trade can happen successfully between two locations in different boundaries.. love too can happen, more passionately, more intense without any boundaries.. Aba in his political research just wondered WHY.. and that emerged as his research gap, as to understand Why, he would need to understand psychology of deprived one.. but poor little deprived one.. never even thought of WHY as they got lost somewhere fighting for a cause to safeguard boundaries or conquer boundaries.. without knowing reasons but wishing reasons for celebration once it is achieved.. and label it freedom


A Pad, a tool to cover the stains, a safety to help senior citizens with disorders to feel free to release as and when needed. Just need a fresh bath subsequently.. and everything is fine.

With diapers costing over 1$ to 10$, why not bring in innovation to pad and just get going. A world with over 1 billion plus population, with at least 10% kids and 30% senior citizens.. just go out all the way for Sanitation competition.

Innovations in Sanitation focuses, is what social entrepreneur PAD decided when he got into journey couple of years back.

Freedom of Colors

So what if it is black.. it so blends with all.

So what if it is white.. it so blends with all

love for orange..

romance with red

in green all around

the warm wetty paints..

when splashed all over

blends with all…

Freedom of Colors..

so what if it is brown or yellow

or black or white.

once it blends.. a new color created

Each color has its importance

so respecting all colors most important

for happy freedom all around





Startup Death

James ”seriously I feel the product design is not in shape.. we need to think over it’

Sam ”Sir as you are the CEO, let me tell you, the backend database is miserable’

James ”can we change it?”

Sam ”yes.. in 2 weeks”

James ”excellent go ahead”

2 weeks later

James ”hey.. what happened even the existing application has broke”

Sam ”Sir.. the configuration management resource was on leave.. so our developers ended up working on same code.. and we find the new backend database is a big challenge”

James gets angry….

Sam ”and by mistake they deployed the code in production environment too”

James ”all of you are pretty careless. you are CTO.. I did not expect such gross carelessness from you”

Sam ”Sorry Sir.. however want to inform you that because of this gross mishap.. I wish to leave the company”

James “áre you crazy?”

Before James can talk further, Sam has left the company

James calls his secretary and yells ”seriously.. startup CTO’s need to be thoroughly checked for their longetivity within company.. He just made mess and left ”

Secretary ”Sir.. why you listened to his advice?”

James ”common who would know whether he is right or wrong.. Am not technical”

James ”just give all other 4 staff 1 month salary and we will shut this mess up”

Secretary ”ok Sir”






someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful

happy friendship

is it love, or care or just mere friendship.. the soul knows the happiness when around.. the love is silent but nevertheless existing..   so what if no definition comes to this friendship.. it is still friendship .. so what if there were no hugs, no kisses.. but feelings were more intense then all of these physical promixities as friendship remained as it is .. intense, attractive and special to heart..  call it soul friendship or love friendship or anything but still remains integral to life..  love need not be expressed, penned or communicated here as friendship is meant to remain as it is where it is.. distant too,  but always to remember that am the most special person in your life above everyone else..  friendship tends to get little selfish.. so what.. as it is just a humble request to a friend only.