Erasing moments of life where I made mistakes.. and soon found the page gets darker, the marks remain all over.. spoiling the page itself..

Life is given to us to make mistakes.. so when we are born, the first crawl or the first fall.. we get up and learn to walk.. we skid and again learn to run..

We keep running till we get tired and find that there are ways to run marathon..

Soon we begin enjoying others run.. other making mistakes.. and we tend to be engrossed in their mistakes and seek reasons for it..

Just keep pushing selves erasing bitter moments of life.. retain good ones.. keep watching them, inspiring them…

A magical eraser is one.. where in you just erase and find a new message

”WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR dear.. everthing will move well..

(A story

A small little kid struggled almost every day till one day she meets an angel.. and questions

“”Why I struggle so much”

Angel “god is trying to gear you to take up high responsibilities”

Kid ‘what is that?’

Angel ‘a task to help all erase their bad moments of life”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ”you need to spread smile, love and warmth to all.. and keep smiling”

Kid ”why.. but am struggling now.. how will I smile”

Angel ”just widen your lips.. and say cheers”

Kid ”cheers…” and bursts laughing

Angel ”so simple right.. just say cheers always whenever in trouble and trouble will run away soon”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ‘attempt dear..”

1 week later

Kid ”cheers uncle.. you keep giving me alms but I would just take it and ..”

Uncle Sam ”dear.. no one around you”

Kid nods No..

Kid ”my parents expired way back.. my grandma takes care of me”

Uncle Sam reaches her house..

in small slum

Sam ”mom.. can I adopt her.”

Grandma ‘is happy and overjoyed

Kid is smiled but worried

Angel returns

Angel ”dear.. someone is always there as guardian for us.. it is destined.. just wait for it.. you have found one.. do become guardian to someone else too.. one day”



Inspiration from ICONs – Happy New Year

The icon never realized when he became an icon, but when he realized, it was too late to even go back to normal routine and the only way left was to remain an icon only.. Through ups and downs in life, traveling all over, experiencing new happenings, the icon kept re-inventing self to remain an icon inspiring all to understand that continuous skill upgradation is only way to remain in competition and even if everything is gone, just by your conviction and determination to move ahead, you will surely bounce back.. all over again.. Wishing you a very happy new year.. We need to get inspired and strive to take positive lessons from icons and surely life will begin giving us new definitions, meanings and purpose

  • ‘be focused and keep doing what you are supposed to do, without bothering of consequences, Do not get excited by succes, do not feel morose because of failures”
  • Do what you need to do today until God opens up another door tomorrow.
  • Be honest and hard-working in your labor, even if you haven’t achieved riches yet.
  • Do your work diligently without complaining, and without thinking “I was made for more than this!”
  • Entrepreneurship is not about creating wealth but sharing the surplus for other’s welfare
  • If you feel low, you are absolutely down.. a rise is bound to come soon..

So wishing all of you a very happy new year

Startup HR Perils

HR is the gate keeper for any organization and startup founders face a challenge on various fronts to bootstrap, build products and manage teams. Most of the time have observed founders, not able to trust the staff too soon, and there is a possibility of isolated groups getting formed, sooner then anyone can imagine.

Conflict resolution becomes one of key focuses. How founders can look beyond themselves and actually focus on staff and inspire them to be next gen lead is where the success story lies. Empowerment by just designations really do not serve any purpose, if the resource is not skilled, qualified to take on a particular role. There is a tendency to damage the startup even before investors build confidence on them.

It is important for startups to identify the right resource who can be assigned the HR role, essentially if it is one of the founder, it becomes very important for that founder to stay connected with resources, understand their issues, look at the compliance parameters and build a strong committed team working zealously for organization purpose..

A paying job is absolutely essential, but in competitive environment, retaining right resources also is absolutely essential as during the initial stages at least we need a team to be motivated fully for the cause..

It is absolutely no use, if we have resources spending long hours but not goal focused and are not aligned to mission / vision of company.

Organization Structure can be simple and as much as possible avoid multiple reporting. This will lead to confusions sooner or later. Peer review should be encouraged and it is most important for founder to focus on growth and not get into small issues / conflicts with subordinates as this will damage the founder’s good will as the first client for a founder is always an employee. The art of managing resources need to be learnt and working as team player should also be learnt.

Celebrating success

Joy ”most important aspect of celebrating success is being happy for whatsoever done , by whomsoever done to make it happen”

Sam who is an entrepreneur and just got funded 100000$ looks at Joy and adds

”I acknowledge all members of my team for it.. but Joy.. the celebration is only way to express joy.. but I enjoy celebrating being with self and thanking God for the same”

Joy “very important to celebrate with at least someone close to you dear”

Sam ”why so..?”

Joy “reasons.. when you were born, it needed 4 folks to support you.. and to acknowledge that dear”

Sam ”cool.. Merry Christmas”

Believe in Self

if lord ever knew the answer.. it would give it right away.. lord decided to create a brain to think of the answer and find our own way to write the same.. what got written remained the wisdom.. some followed it.. some didn’t but lord did teach us to be patient to arrive at an answer.. so when I try to look at Lord’s decision on us.. it is very interesting, when I read a bit of Bhagwad Gita, Quran and Bible and found there has always been a messenger and a follower.. the mystery of truth being conveyed laid in messenger’s ear and the truth of following the message laid in follower’s heart and mind.. but what got missed out is Lord itself.. It remains in our heart forever somewhere trying to make us think, act, react to events with maybe the message and conviction of a follower is to believe in self and do what is absolutely right.

Wishing all a very happy merry Christmas..



Oh I see – you only liked me.. and didn’t love me?

Manuel ”it really surprises.. after all these years of friendship, when I declared, I loved you.. you say there is absolutely nothing.. you only liked me.. you never loved me… can you tell me.. difference between love and like”

Sarah ”love means a physical and mental attraction.. a need to be intimate’

Manuel ‘so.. without physical elements.. love is meaningless”

Sarah ‘pauses

Sarah ”no.. I mean to say.. love needs to be bind two individuals to one common goal.. purpose.. culminate in something special”

Manuel mock smiles..

Manuel  ‘what is like”

Sarah ‘we like someone.. but it is not necessarly love.. heart doesnt beat for that person”

Manuel ”is it not lust there..”

Sarah ‘love. is not lust”

Manuel ‘seriously Sarah.. never know.. but we human get away by declaring love, like or lust the way we wish too.. thoroughly confused.. someone besides you.. you only like.. someone so remote.. you love.. and someone in dream.. you lust… so where are you loyal to anyone.. isn’t loyalty too a factor?”

Sarah is silent..

Sarah ”am not in love with you.. am sorry”

3 months later

Sarah ”just came out of that episode.. he ditched me”

Manuel is silent

Manuel ”but you were in love with him”

Sarah ”not sure.. maybe it was just that he only liked me.. and didn’t love me”

Manuel plants a kiss on Sarah’s lip

Manuel ”Sarah.. everything is in mind.. the fact that two individuals like each other, means they love each other too.. but just a sense of non-commitment comes.. we wait for the best or feel someone best out there is more suited to us.. and then the love-like-lust drama…”

Sarah ”still not sure.. only you remained besides me always.. but I do not love you”

Manuel ”Sarah… am getting married next week. She is Farida.. I met her.. liked her.. and just proposed her.. she noded yes.. may be love will happen after marriage”

Sarah ”this is shocking.. you never informed me.. who will be with me in my lows then”

Manuel ”of course i will be there.. as you do like me right?”

Sarah is silent

Sarah ”how I wish this like / love new names come in.. some common name.. LOKE .. how is this name.. an amalgamation of like and love.. . I LOKE YOU’

Sarah ”hey.. yes now i got this meaning.. LOK.. Locking.. means if someone loves someone.. someone wishes to put a lock around and bind someone”

Manuel bursts laughing..

Sarah ”seriously.. was I in love with you earlier?”

Manuel ”you missed the boat.. it is only FARIDA for me now’.. I am LOKED. She is also an entrepreneur.. will be her partner.. so good opportunity for me to pursue my dream”


Iconoclast disruption – Camera

A belief which needs to be broken..

A belief that an image need not be there…

If life had been so simple, we would have really wished to be away from all images.. Now comes a technology (camera ) which advances self and makes us again believe in images..

The irony of life is that as we keep striving to follow a particular set of pattern of thoughts, we universally agree to be part of camera movement…

Imagine life without a web camera or mobile camera,.. the back / front mode of camera and everything which triggers out of it… The instagram and the facebook.. or even these days in LinkedIn.. an insistence to have a phot…

Why not a nameless entity.. ?

Why then we need anyone to invest in those countless startups who advocate an image in form of advertisements or even some social security card which insists on having an image.. so what if it is a finger print and a photo?

The time to think is to go beyond an image and focus on the purposeful meaning of why a nameless entity was advocated?

Life can continue as it is even as nameless entity.. but the technology advancements insists on all of us to have some name.. some image.. some perception written and though multiple small communities may advocate life to be without an image, but image has come not as a real need but social need thanks to all the social media communities and even government to have some name around self..

So if someone feels an image is hurting to an eye.. and a disruption happens just for same..  it may just remain unwanted as that same someone will again become an image and be highlighted and in sense disrupting the ICONOCLAST philosophy again..

Technology has changed everything and even the beliefs in someway or the other..


Breaking free

when we look at big picture, the small worries look trivial and when we look at small picture, the bigger worries are forgotten.. life becomes meaningful solving small problems first and then the complex big ones… at end of day Lord wishes us to be smiling and peaceful irrespective of any type of problems. and to not get into a web of cyclic problems and if one gets into, should know the art of breaking free from that cycle.

Just a small favor

Just a small favor, spoken words in a mocking way at times can hurt the sentiments of sensitive folks.. however is this the way a leader needs to build his or her career?

A pin drop silence in a class of 100 plus budding entrepreneurs…

One entrepreneur student got up and said

”remaining cool is hallmark of a good leader.. being assertive for right reasons too.. and same time humblenss and no ego within person will help the persom come up in life’

Mike the entrepreneur coach smiles… and conveys

‘A SMALL FAVOR TO ALL.. Just remain humble and grounded.. life will soon begin changing for good”

startup birth

startup sweet is an egg which is cut open and then…

if you boil.. it becomes soft

if you put the yoke on a pan.. it is cooked.. and found to be tasty..

if it just put in milk and taken, it is good

now.. why doesnt anyone wait for the egg to be hatched fully and a chick come out..

reasons.. we are investing in that egg and want value and return on investment immediately..


a care taker decides to incubate the eggs but the eggs wonder.. why so much heat

the care taker smiles and whispers ”please realize that nothing comes so easily.. please bear the pain and pleasure in your journey to be born as a company”