Iconoclast disruption – Camera

A belief which needs to be broken..

A belief that an image need not be there…

If life had been so simple, we would have really wished to be away from all images.. Now comes a technology (camera ) which advances self and makes us again believe in images..

The irony of life is that as we keep striving to follow a particular set of pattern of thoughts, we universally agree to be part of camera movement…

Imagine life without a web camera or mobile camera,.. the back / front mode of camera and everything which triggers out of it… The instagram and the facebook.. or even these days in LinkedIn.. an insistence to have a phot…

Why not a nameless entity.. ?

Why then we need anyone to invest in those countless startups who advocate an image in form of advertisements or even some social security card which insists on having an image.. so what if it is a finger print and a photo?

The time to think is to go beyond an image and focus on the purposeful meaning of why a nameless entity was advocated?

Life can continue as it is even as nameless entity.. but the technology advancements insists on all of us to have some name.. some image.. some perception written and though multiple small communities may advocate life to be without an image, but image has come not as a real need but social need thanks to all the social media communities and even government to have some name around self..

So if someone feels an image is hurting to an eye.. and a disruption happens just for same..  it may just remain unwanted as that same someone will again become an image and be highlighted and in sense disrupting the ICONOCLAST philosophy again..

Technology has changed everything and even the beliefs in someway or the other..


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