Believe in Self

if lord ever knew the answer.. it would give it right away.. lord decided to create a brain to think of the answer and find our own way to write the same.. what got written remained the wisdom.. some followed it.. some didn’t but lord did teach us to be patient to arrive at an answer.. so when I try to look at Lord’s decision on us.. it is very interesting, when I read a bit of Bhagwad Gita, Quran and Bible and found there has always been a messenger and a follower.. the mystery of truth being conveyed laid in messenger’s ear and the truth of following the message laid in follower’s heart and mind.. but what got missed out is Lord itself.. It remains in our heart forever somewhere trying to make us think, act, react to events with maybe the message and conviction of a follower is to believe in self and do what is absolutely right.

Wishing all a very happy merry Christmas..



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