Erasing moments of life where I made mistakes.. and soon found the page gets darker, the marks remain all over.. spoiling the page itself..

Life is given to us to make mistakes.. so when we are born, the first crawl or the first fall.. we get up and learn to walk.. we skid and again learn to run..

We keep running till we get tired and find that there are ways to run marathon..

Soon we begin enjoying others run.. other making mistakes.. and we tend to be engrossed in their mistakes and seek reasons for it..

Just keep pushing selves erasing bitter moments of life.. retain good ones.. keep watching them, inspiring them…

A magical eraser is one.. where in you just erase and find a new message

”WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR dear.. everthing will move well..

(A story

A small little kid struggled almost every day till one day she meets an angel.. and questions

“”Why I struggle so much”

Angel “god is trying to gear you to take up high responsibilities”

Kid ‘what is that?’

Angel ‘a task to help all erase their bad moments of life”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ”you need to spread smile, love and warmth to all.. and keep smiling”

Kid ”why.. but am struggling now.. how will I smile”

Angel ”just widen your lips.. and say cheers”

Kid ”cheers…” and bursts laughing

Angel ”so simple right.. just say cheers always whenever in trouble and trouble will run away soon”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ‘attempt dear..”

1 week later

Kid ”cheers uncle.. you keep giving me alms but I would just take it and ..”

Uncle Sam ”dear.. no one around you”

Kid nods No..

Kid ”my parents expired way back.. my grandma takes care of me”

Uncle Sam reaches her house..

in small slum

Sam ”mom.. can I adopt her.”

Grandma ‘is happy and overjoyed

Kid is smiled but worried

Angel returns

Angel ”dear.. someone is always there as guardian for us.. it is destined.. just wait for it.. you have found one.. do become guardian to someone else too.. one day”



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