Wisdom of Relation

Nancy is fedup of her mother who continuously keeps lecturing her on Does and Dont’s of life.. and one day…

Nancy ”enough is enough Mom.. now listen to me..”

Mom Pesi is stumped.. She remembers how her husband left her for this continuous bombardment of advices…


”if you were so perfect.. why did he leave you..  if you were so beautiful.. why do you still need make up kits to decorate self..   If you were so social.. why the same friends gossip about you..  If you were so good in making food dishes.. why you didn’t make food for us every day…  Did you never made friends without your parent’s permission? Did you never fell in love without your mind and only allowed heart to think? Why do you give advices.. when am already overloaded with you knowledge bombardment..  Just let me live in peace Mom..   everything will never be perfect… am an imperfectionist.. so let it be.. if you wish to love me for what I am.. just do that.. do not try to change me.. and one thing you should do.. is change other’s mind set only through self realization”

Mom hugs Nancy..

Mom ”Nancy.. you are grown up now.. I should begin searching for a boy for you”

Nancy bursts laughing..

Nancy ”Mom.. so now that you will stop advicing me.. you are now going to search boys for me.. good going… there is a saying Empty Mind is Devil’s workshop and  Mom’s mind is Devil’s workshop too.. keep thinking how to always put me under some pressure or not..  so now you wish me to decorate self and show self to prospects”

Mom ”being single.. all can talk anything..  the day a boy will come into your life.. you will realize who the real devil is…  love makes us do everything.. and one day without listening to me.. your father just left me for that other lady.. simply because she didnt care for him.. only his wealth.. would only listen to him and just keep demanding”

Nancy ”Mom.. common.. now you are getting emotional.”

Nancy hugs Mom

Nancy ”Wisdome of Relation is nothing but to keep nurturing the relation we already have built and strengthening it”


ego for omelette

Farida ”Rashid.. why do you crib for an omalate every day… am fed up of it’

Rashid ”hey common..  ensure you make an omlate every day.. 3 times ok”

Farida ”why.. .can you tell me why..”

Rashid ”ok.. will tell you a story”

Rashid ”My father.. your father-in-law was in Army.. brutally beaten.. for a suspected information to other country.. he was labeled a traitor..  and punishment given was to make omlates every day for the army officials”

Farida ”so..”

Rashid ”he ensured.. his wife. my mom.. also begin making omlates… ”

Farida ”so.. you asking me to make it”

Rashid ”yes”

Farida ”do you know.. an egg is a lesson to all..   it is like ego.. a very tough exterior.. unless we do not break it.. the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrate, protein.. will not be available..  it means you need to break an egg to get an omlate.. ”

Farida ”and Rashid.. your father was given a job to make omlates to all the army officials.. and alas the army officials never realized that they had given him a job to break ego’s of each officer every day”

Rashid ”so that way he was right”

Farida ”no..  he became obsessed with the punishment and began punishing his own family folks.. again an ego creeped in him.. as husband i want you to be the inner yoke.. the actual human.. a soul.. which needs to feel the moist warmth of love, care of me always… do not imitate wrong people.. or wrong philosophy..  always be on right path.. lord takes care of us always.. lord see’s us always.. an unknown force watching us always and it is in our heart”

Rashid ”common.. till someone didnt break an egg.. how will we know what is inside it”

Farida ”god made eggs as a lesson to human to make them understand that all good things are stored absolutely internal.. it is not the physical layer which is important but the internal layer beneath which plays an important role.. ”

Rashid hugs Farida

Farida ”I will make for you omalate always..  and spelling correction ok.. it is omelette or omelet”

Rashid ”had I learnt like you.. I would have known English too”

Farida ”important.. all need to know English too apart from their own vernacular language as have found many struggling to get jobs eventually.. and sooner or later need to speak English”

Rashid ”yes.. and all should know their national language”

Farida begins laughing

Rashid ”why?”

Farida ”human are always fault finding.. appreciation comes in small doses.. and when it comes.. it comes as thunderous applauses.. so important to break the egg and bring in real change in people”


Product Baby differentiators

Product baby… handling with care.. with perfection.. all the while.. making the best.. only to find one day.. it is broken to pieces.. all the perfection fully lost..

again gave a new look and feel but let the imperfections remain as it is.. need to sell it dear.. all the way..

the look was the USP.. a differentiator… product designers need to focus on packaging right from day 1 of product development..

the need ..a pain point.. if not there.. and it is a luxury item.. all way along.. the product baby will just remain in some shelf.. with no takers around..

focus on pain points which are not accomplished yet.. and not on painpoints already solved by multiple countless heads..


5 second speech

James.. you need to give pitch in only 5 seconds.. will you do it..?

Susan “yes.. but only 5 seconds?”

James ”yes”‘

Susan ”my mom bedridden.. no care taker.. starting caretaker business..  many working folks like me face this problem.. thanks”

Quino ”job gone.. money crunch.. starting roadside pizza center.. as I make best pizzas for my wife.. who is choosy about what she eats.. thank”

Parmeshwar ”long queues no longer needed.. god in house.. watch online prayers..”

Rafiq ”traffic issue.. parking issues.. car jams.. online parking.. pay as you park”

Sweety ”broke from my boyfriend yesterday..finding new one.. an investor..who can also fund in my dating site.. any takers”

James bursts out laughing..

All echo ”why?”

James ”5 seconds pitch.. offering investors.. earning by referrals.. any takers”

All burst ”common are you not an investor”

James “I just thought of becoming Investor for a few days.. to check how serious our entrepreneurs are”

All echo ”give us a treat.. not too bad… why 5 seconds.. we can even have 2 seconds.. hug to help each other now on”



Am I an Investor?

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction, philosophical.. to explain Dimensions of PASSION and carefully tries to analyze the deep learning uncovered research yet to understand the difference between good or bad.. )

I keep wondering Mr Light.. on what is Investor all about?

Investment in startup for small equity.. hoping it will scale up..

Investment in stocks.. hoping it will give more returns..

Investment in education.. hoping it will give more returns if applied well..

Investment in charity hoping all good deeds done will vanish away the small sins we made..

The mindset of human is such that we were programmed to be an investee and then investor always…

God made Adam and Eve with a forbidden apple and experimented what happens next..

Soon Adam and Eve invest their time in love and eat the forbidden apple and an investee comes in..   and then more and more and more…

Why the apple was forbidden?

It is not apple dear.. any fruit from tree of knowledge.. the knowledge of good and bad..

Why did they then eat it in first place?  It is destiny..

The awareness of good or bad itself was forbidden however once the knowledge comes in, forgiveness also existed in certain stories and punishments too visible in certain stories..

So as Investor, somewhere maybe God attempted to make an entrepreneur (adventurer) and then also gave that entrepreneur (a cofounder) but wanted them to abide by rules.. and just enjoy the work..  However there are even oppositions to investors where someone could challenge the investment decisions itself or even challenge the entrepeneurs to do what so ever they feel is right. the judgement of good or bad has to come from human only..  Clueless without a rule / regulation, mistakes begin to occur and each mistake results in only pain.

Why as an Investor (God) , an investor doesnt wish entrepreneur to avoid biased knowledge (knowledge from mentors, advisors, consultants whatsoever)?

This is because once you begin getting knowledge.. you become aware of causes.. the effects and may even stop being the original self.. you will even feel embarassed?

What happens next?

Just more and more exploration.. more and more returns in form of pains and pleasure.. till one day the dust remains the only reality.. to a human. and  what happens to the assets built by the entrepreneur… they too can get to dust.. unless human doesnt decide to help another human to manage that asset well..

God technically wanted human to only enjoy each other’s companion without that understanding of good or bad.. but the knowledge and repository along with awareness creates human move in good path or bad path.. the decision is left to only us..

So as Investor.. God only questions ”Am I the investor?”  The answer is ”yes” but God just wanted human to take care and nurture the nature without any expectations.. but within a certain rule..

What happened subsequently..

The entrepreneur explored.. probed.. innovated and kept innovating and eating the forbidden fruits from tree of knowledge to get lost in the world of nature and be further distant from God..(The original investor)..    There were some who also innovated, earned money, distributed it further.. but with expectations because of awareness of good and evil..

Moral of story..   the tree had both good and bad knowledge.. how to seggregate it was never taught to the man and so what happens next..

Enters  Mr. Light..

Mr Light addressing a bunch of multiple coutry dignitaries on ”FORBIDDEN FRUITS” smiles and says

”An open challenge to all the AI professionals..  Can you seggregate the good and bad content from google search?”

All burst out laughing…

Mr. Light  ”the mess we are in.. with bombardment of knowledge…  god only knows how the real good and real bad be decided.. to each his or her own”

All burst out again laughing..

Mr Light ”Owning and Nurturing.. the dimensions of PASSION.. always remember that.. each person can own and nurture the good knowledge or bad knowledge..  as PASSION doesn’t know to seggregate it too…  what PASSION can do is to probe self, innovate self, act self, scope self, set self and own self to nurture the dream which you wish to fullfill to make some useful product or service model contributing to human painpoints”

Mr. Light ”lets break for a cup of coffee.. too heavy complex theory explained.. “

Successful person

Rob ”a successful person is one who is having money, power, fame, education and happy family life”

Swamy ”Rob.. agreed.. many get it through their own effort.. and many acquired through their earlier generation folks”

Rob ”in this forum of ART OF NON-LIVING.. I only wish to tell you one simple message

Stop living your present life for a day or week or whatsoever.. sans any philosophical discussions, sans any boy friend.. sans any girl friend.. sans any whatsapp.. mobile, photography.. and just go to hill station.. spend time with birds, bee, animals.. and try to understand the animal mentality…  No cribbing about what they didn’t get..  adjust to environment all by own.. they may not even steel your clothes to protect themselves from cold, or heat.. and unless it is a monkey.. will not try to take away what you eat.. or if it is tiger.. max it will try to eat you… but if you throw a large piece of meat .. they really do not try to eat that and also grab you and have another round of meal”

Swamy ”what are you indicating”

‘Rob ”a correction to my earlier statement..   Successful person is one who is happy in giving what they have and just doing their bit to not clamor things for themselves.. they will not crib if they loose something.. they will not get excited.. if they win something.. absolute neutral to life.. as they understand the value of themselves being a living entity”

PASSION philosophy :Thanks for everything (Do read my principles)

The story began with a piece of article.. suddenly out of blue a vision (1996).. I realized this word PASSION,  and the article penned by me is shared below. It got evolved into a framework through my doctorate studies.  Hope all keep appreciating my efforts to unify objects (People, Product, Process, Project, Purpose, Policies, Perfection, Promotion, Perseverance, Pre-nomination, Placement and so on… a combination of multiple Ps). I hope to educate more and more through this edu-entertainment  format..

Passion ! Where does it begin? I would say ‘ An urge of love, a strong feeling towards an object, an emotional desire to possess it, mold it and have a protective security from the object. Obviously it requires enthusiasm and zeal to be passionate.

I as a wanderer in today’s world of chaos thinking of passion as a beginning from the mother’s womb, where a child yearns to see the outside world. A great enthusiasm from the child is an experience to the mother in the form of pain and pleasure. The moment the child feels the breeze of earthly air, a cry is raised from inner self, heralding it’s presence with an ambition to do certain meaningful activities in life. At it’s primary stage, a child craves for objects with a possessive attitude.

A child needs to be secure for which, the paternal and maternal instincts unfold in the form of fulfilling a child’s needs and wants. The same feeling is carried forward till a child starts getting attracted to objects and wants to acquire it – A sense of independence to find own means to achieve ends. From here onwards starts the path of KARMA, of what a child can do to secure not only itself but also it’s near and dear ones.

At the threshold of youth, a child suddenly finds admist a cut throat competitive world where a child feels insecure and doesn’t know how to move forward in the world of love and hatred. Insecurity is a feeling arising out of lack of confidence, trust and zeal towards achieving an object. Sincerity is a characteristic, which ultimately pushes you ahead in your pursuit of goal. How do I conquer Insecurity?


Think of someone.

Rich in good thoughts

Urging to love and understand

Solver of problems and sincere

Taker of other’s feelings and emotions.


TRUST is a qualitative feeling and supplements PASSION. Are you Passionate?

If you are positive to the above question, tread on path of success through genuine hard work and sincerity. Associate yourself with a person belonging to the category of trustworthy mortals. If you neglect to the question, you are a person who needs to be truly protected, loved and molded to face the world alone. I feel happy guiding people, bringing them to the path of success – A success of achievement.

A successful PASSION will require the following desired qualities from a person.


Live and let live.

Urge to succeed and let others succeed.

Motivate oneself and others.

Identify potential in you and others.

Negate the feelings of failure.

Achieve what you should achieve.

Respect yourself and others.

Yearn for love and truth.






chalk & duster

Chalk ”i always am the creator of moments, stories, poems and what not. Teachers need me the most”

Duster ”i too am important.. teacher erases your color and makes the board black”

Chalk ”sometimes not erased for many days.. and I become hard.. not so easy to be erased”

Duster ”every thing can be erased.. the board itself can be replaced.. so,..”

Chalk ”the routine of life is not so important.. the content and memories can be wiped out if if wish to and again a new chapter re-written”

Duster ”and what about me’?”

Chalk ”cleaning all the memories.. who else can do this social contribution?”