Not in Synch with Profession

Samuel a compulsive leave taker had a problem.. He just could not sit more then 4 hours in one place.. By profession a clerk.. This habit of him was totally not in synch with his profession..

One day.. a client comes to bank..

Client Jack ”hey you seem to be restless with this work”

Samuel ”how did you guess?”

Jack ”look at your sitting style.. you are not occupying the whole seat too”

Samuel ‘seriously.. I want to leave this job.. Am not cut out for sitting job”

Jack ”meet me on weekend”

At weekend they meet at restaurent

Jack ”do you see all these waiters.. all standing job”

Samuel ”how can I do it?”

Jack begins laughing

Jack ”dear.. take up a job where you will be needed to communicate, travel.. maybe a product launch trainer”

Samuel ”oh yes.. that i would love too”

Jack ‘we human for getting salaries.. take up any job not in synch with what we like.. and then the problem begins”


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