Dear All,

A confusion may exist in multiple minds as to from where these stories come from? Are they real.. are they borrowed from, are they copied.. or are they.. fiction

The answer is absolute Fiction and few experiences life teaches me when I read, look at startup struggles, mentor struggles, investor struggles and put some spice, entertainment, make a combo and narrate it in story format..

It had to be internationalized to help readers understand the core dimensions well

PROBING and INNOVATION (These are the two major drivers for anyone to set a venture.. You need to do homework well and this is what is probing all about.. research… research and research.  Innovate what is in existence and disrupt the way a process was working.. so INNOVATION will hold relevance..


You need to act on your ideas dear.. no matter what.. please act on it..

Scope it.. narrow the scope.. and set an environment or find an environment where your idea will get converted to a product or service model..

Nurturing and Owning

Unless you do not nurture your dreams, convert them to reality.. how will you ever own them

Now for readers who got curious about SUM UP

SUM UP —  a deep philosophy of life.. very deep. all of us have been praised, abused, hurt, happy, dejected, depressed, proud etc at some point of time in life and all of us have some or other pain point.. we what makes us feel happy.. is only the bliss that we need to attempt something new.. shed your old clothes and get into new ones.. it is like difference between wearing same clothes day-in day-out or we wash everyday.. and wear neat clothes or wear absolute new ones.. what will make us happy? anyone’s guess

Re-inventing ourselves is what the framework talks about..

Hope this blog is useful for multiple people from multiple fields of life and keep enjoying the same. Thanks for your responses, I appreciate from bottom of my heart.. which though have never seen but still feel somewhere the soul if happy, will always give happiness.


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