PASSION philosophy :Thanks for everything (Do read my principles)

The story began with a piece of article.. suddenly out of blue a vision (1996).. I realized this word PASSION,  and the article penned by me is shared below. It got evolved into a framework through my doctorate studies.  Hope all keep appreciating my efforts to unify objects (People, Product, Process, Project, Purpose, Policies, Perfection, Promotion, Perseverance, Pre-nomination, Placement and so on… a combination of multiple Ps). I hope to educate more and more through this edu-entertainment  format..

Passion ! Where does it begin? I would say ‘ An urge of love, a strong feeling towards an object, an emotional desire to possess it, mold it and have a protective security from the object. Obviously it requires enthusiasm and zeal to be passionate.

I as a wanderer in today’s world of chaos thinking of passion as a beginning from the mother’s womb, where a child yearns to see the outside world. A great enthusiasm from the child is an experience to the mother in the form of pain and pleasure. The moment the child feels the breeze of earthly air, a cry is raised from inner self, heralding it’s presence with an ambition to do certain meaningful activities in life. At it’s primary stage, a child craves for objects with a possessive attitude.

A child needs to be secure for which, the paternal and maternal instincts unfold in the form of fulfilling a child’s needs and wants. The same feeling is carried forward till a child starts getting attracted to objects and wants to acquire it – A sense of independence to find own means to achieve ends. From here onwards starts the path of KARMA, of what a child can do to secure not only itself but also it’s near and dear ones.

At the threshold of youth, a child suddenly finds admist a cut throat competitive world where a child feels insecure and doesn’t know how to move forward in the world of love and hatred. Insecurity is a feeling arising out of lack of confidence, trust and zeal towards achieving an object. Sincerity is a characteristic, which ultimately pushes you ahead in your pursuit of goal. How do I conquer Insecurity?


Think of someone.

Rich in good thoughts

Urging to love and understand

Solver of problems and sincere

Taker of other’s feelings and emotions.


TRUST is a qualitative feeling and supplements PASSION. Are you Passionate?

If you are positive to the above question, tread on path of success through genuine hard work and sincerity. Associate yourself with a person belonging to the category of trustworthy mortals. If you neglect to the question, you are a person who needs to be truly protected, loved and molded to face the world alone. I feel happy guiding people, bringing them to the path of success – A success of achievement.

A successful PASSION will require the following desired qualities from a person.


Live and let live.

Urge to succeed and let others succeed.

Motivate oneself and others.

Identify potential in you and others.

Negate the feelings of failure.

Achieve what you should achieve.

Respect yourself and others.

Yearn for love and truth.






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