Successful person

Rob ”a successful person is one who is having money, power, fame, education and happy family life”

Swamy ”Rob.. agreed.. many get it through their own effort.. and many acquired through their earlier generation folks”

Rob ”in this forum of ART OF NON-LIVING.. I only wish to tell you one simple message

Stop living your present life for a day or week or whatsoever.. sans any philosophical discussions, sans any boy friend.. sans any girl friend.. sans any whatsapp.. mobile, photography.. and just go to hill station.. spend time with birds, bee, animals.. and try to understand the animal mentality…  No cribbing about what they didn’t get..  adjust to environment all by own.. they may not even steel your clothes to protect themselves from cold, or heat.. and unless it is a monkey.. will not try to take away what you eat.. or if it is tiger.. max it will try to eat you… but if you throw a large piece of meat .. they really do not try to eat that and also grab you and have another round of meal”

Swamy ”what are you indicating”

‘Rob ”a correction to my earlier statement..   Successful person is one who is happy in giving what they have and just doing their bit to not clamor things for themselves.. they will not crib if they loose something.. they will not get excited.. if they win something.. absolute neutral to life.. as they understand the value of themselves being a living entity”

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