Some suck blood, some taste blood

Sam ”It is a sucker’s world..  and …I will tell you this short story

The class students begin laughing..

Sam ”do you know.. many a time.. the employees abuse their managers, CEO and even Directors that they such blood”

All students nod yes..  most of them have worked in reputed companies and are here sent by company to hawn the skills..

Sam ”one day..  a 20 plus employee came with a strange proposition to identify suckers and tasters.  The employee felt the ones who tasted blood  would eventually end up sucking blood..   so it means.. once an employee proves its mettle.. the employee will soon be saddled with more work.. more responsibilities.. and the poor performer and that employee both may just have marginal difference in salaries”

Sam ”the 20 plus employee built one AI application to identify managers who are perfect suckers and soon realized these suckers were themselves sucked just a few years back”

Class student Rose ”Sir but what is the story in it?”

Sam smiles

Sam ‘story is that the 20 plus employee analyzed that top 10 CEOs of the world were having knack of good sucking skills”

Rose ”but what is the story?”

Sam ”Rose.. and the 20 plus employee because Sam…   Sucking Any Mortal”

Rose ”what.. Sir was it you.. show us the AI tool”

Sam ”for that all u need to do is just make a database of all potential suck threats.. means where a person will begin feeling exploited”

After 2 hours..

Rose ”Sir… 10000 plus vulnerable points of exploitation”

Sam ”which is the most vulnerable point where sucking is eminent”

Rose ”heart’.. all who work with heart tend to get sucked more… and all who work with mind tend to taste blood and then they loving sucking”

Sam ”precisely..  if your heart is strong.. you will get sucked less… always remember this”

Rose ”what if mind is weak?”

Sam ”sucking model finds heart and mind both are directly proportional.. weak heart.. weak mind.. strong heart.. strong mind”

All clap and students laud the psychology session taken by Sam


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