Me too is a concept, where in we imitate an object / objective as it is a proven model. It gives us sense of pleasure, security and feeling of togetherness. What happens when a Me too individual begins bring in differentiators?

Soon the group feeling is gone, now there is a spirit of competition. Again the left group get into Me too mode and begin building the same features…

The same Me too goes for a toss if someone wishes to really do something unique which is not yet proven.. Here the Me too becomes You only.. and only you need to prove that your solution is unique.. It can be tiring, real hard to convince group of people that you are doing things right. It could be like breaking head against wall.

The moment the solution begins getting accepted, there will again be multiple Me Toos emerging saying ”we all along knew this would work.. we knew this would fail.. we always cautioned… we always cared and so on”

So it is our choice …. should we be ME TOO or should we be the first innovator of any crazy thought to convert that thought to a reality.’

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