Master ”student.. what you learnt from school”

Student  Manuel ”we learnt to read, write, play games and also enjoy the school moments”

Master ”cool… this is what I expected as answer in  this day when all of you will move out of school for next future roadmap”

Student Julie ‘are you sad?”

Master ”am happy for you… and yes sad too as will not be able to see your faces after exams”

Student Arnold ”Sir..  we also learnt what needs to be done when we flunk in exams”

Master smiles…

Student Ravi ”we need to just again attend the test”

Master ”success.. failures… all are taught in our education system. If we flunk, re-test, if we again flunk… re-test… if we again flunk…. just change the course… it is not meant for you or keep trying till you pass”

Student ”till which attempt we need to keep trying?”

Master ”your will power…  it could be as much as allowed by university or school norms”

Student Samuel ”what did you learn Master from all of us?”

Master ”small lies really do not harm much, if it doesnt hurt anyone”

Student Julie ”yeh.. we bunked a few classes and watched movies.. sorry”

Master ”yes.. and I too realized that.. and would be in that theater in evening to watch the same movie…   ”

All student echo ”we love you master”

Master ”thanks.. dear all for tolerating me, understanding me, being with me for so many years and just a simple message ..  just don’t stop learning..  knowledge alone can give you success”



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