You too say the same thing

Why do we repeat things when we know the conclusions will remain same.

Sometimes the same questions and then again same answers…

Example ‘do not call me again”.  ”please close it”. “you are so adament”

“I will not do the same thing again”. “I am bored of routine”

So what needs to be done under this cases is only Innovation

“The same routine can be avoided through small changes.. example if you are brushing teeth only once, you can begin doing it two times,  if you are tired of an old furniture… change it”

Life is a routine dear.. Startups too will become a routine affair sooner or later

If you said someone “I love you today” and again repeat same every day, the purpose of saying “I love you will be lost”,

so what remains very important is ‘doing repeated things with same vigor, enthusiasm and do not strive for so much perfection and expect same perfection from others.. imperfection is absolutely fine”


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