Education Economics

An average student from poor to lower middle class family would spend minimum US$10000 to US$30000 in span of decade for basic schooling and subsequent to that a real struggle begins to have a good decent graduation..

Now comes the upper middle class segment who may spend minimum US$30000 to US$60000 towards basic schooling and then even have to invest from US$60000 to US$200000 for higher education of their kids…

The miracle is to get a job sooner and the miracle is to get a break even too sooner..

so let us take example of a middle class fresher who has spent US$90000 on education in span of 20 years.. equivalent to Rs 60 lacs,   so assume this is as most optimistic expenses, we just divide that figure by 2, equivalent to US$45000 normal expenses and pessimistic, upto minimum US$20000 in span of 20 years..

Now to get a break even, in USA it should be quite easy but in India, it means a minimum 3 to 5 years needed to arrive at break even..

So here the real challenges begin… how should education costs be kept as low as possible, how we can really give a good return on investments to students and ensure the parents actually save 50% of the present education costs, and create an unemployment fund to safeguard their kids from getting into depressions and let them pursue education / hobbies of their choices at later stage.

It is all about optimizing costs and improving quality of life.. I find the high tech education costs are too expensive,  and the whole effort of mine is towards making high tech education costs lower.



4th World

A world of dominating the world through cyber… so what it data privacy stringency imposed by many countries.

The world is all about who posts most in a site, who gets most likes, who gets trolled and so on.

The game of monitoring and game of analysis…  the 4th world also has a penchant to file suites…  with lawyers getting into bandwagon to catch the super powers of 4th world. Who emerges top notch super power..

An in depth analysis of this world will really reveal who will become super power soon


Hot food

Manuel ‘I have this habit of eating packed food and it sucks’

Ram ‘In India.. the trends are just picking up.. we never even knew the concept of frozen food till last decade’

Manuel ‘is it so?.. any solution’

Ram ‘important for all to find ways to cook food everyday. 1 hour for cooking hot meals and serving it to your near and dear ones.. joy is different’

Manuel ‘what if some one is absolutely having no time?’

Ram ‘there is a startup in UK which is doing quite well.. teaching many to cook food’

Manuel ‘is it?’

Ram ‘hearts of heart.. many still love cooking or want to learn cooking’


Souls of this earth

Souls of this earth
where are we
a life not at our disposal
the unknown was not enough
the powerful unknown
all known become a power
tracking, tracing all the way
probing all the way
life as a human got probed
life as an animal clue less
of their traceability
with so much links
and so much likes
all emoticons leaving us
speechless, typist to the fullest
typing all the way
speaking on our own
welcome to this circus
of technology innovations
where in human cease to exist
robots born in various shapes
souls of this earth
education and knowledge
its relevance to the purpose
gets extended and how
curb excess automation
to let human let its organs function
to let its heart remain still heartful
mind remain still mindful
so what if specs be replaced by contact lenses
so what if hearing be unheard
so what if care becomes just an icon
poets still remain poets
entertainers still remain entertainers
soul of this earth
wake up to look near about us
so much to solve
so much to work on
digitization as buzz
is for what we did always
thought leaders as buzz
is for what we thought always
a new jargon and old fade away
a shadow and no billing
all smiles fade away
come out of that prison of loop
of being billable or being available
life is also in the nearby garden
you forgot going
think of your passion
and think of doing something
so what if your bosses feel sad
they too did the same
when they decided to search
their soul in this earth

life can again come back

Sarah ‘am depressed with life.. it is all over’

James ‘nothing can be depressing, if we control of our mind’

Sarah ‘how?’

James ‘focus on your hobby, your work and stop thinking negative’

Sarah ‘a failed entrepreneur.. giving such advices?’

James ”there will be always ups and downs.. but if we only worry of downs.. then we will remain down.. so we need to always remember what comes down.. will come up again. life can come back again..



Joy ”for one.. i never knew difference between mouse and stick”

Melinda ‘common.. digital literacy is most important pre-requsite in today’s world”

till then she gets a whatsapp message ”it is all over”

Melinda smiles…

Melinda ”a mouse is used to for moving across screen and in real world.. we have mouses who are moving all around us and escape when they get scared..’

Joy ”you murmuring something”

Melinda ‘messages in whatsapp ”thanks for your message’

Joy ‘for?”

Melinda ”the biggest success of computer world is it ability to make us engaged even if we are all alone… ”

Joy ”any problem?”

Melinda ”these days breakups can happen in whatsapp too”