Politician turned Entrepreneur

John ”If someone can become politician after being successful business man, why I cannot?”

Maya “You are a humble, simple person and do find you assertive.. but why you wish to resign from parliament for that?”

John “Am seriously fedup of just badmouthing opposition for sake of it.. then those twitter, social media and so on… it is getting on my nerves… I want to create an intelligent bot which will close all session and display a comedy short film or comics or cartoon the moment a person is tweeting too much or ranting too much.. so imagine in parliament, if too much noise happening… a sudden donald duck or tom and jerry comic voice appearing in all mobiles”

Maya ”but they will keep mobiles off”

John ‘Make this press announcement and watch fun””

After a month

Maya ‘what happened next?”

John ”nothing much … all politicians decided to become investors in this venture.. around US$100M already collected”

Maya ”are you sure… you know what you are saying?”

John ”lol they are political careerist… you know what I am saying?  just ensure that we have second in line back up of these individuals..  am just balancing the team and wanting only those members in my team who are purely focused on welfare of people”



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