Education Economics

An average student from poor to lower middle class family would spend minimum US$10000 to US$30000 in span of decade for basic schooling and subsequent to that a real struggle begins to have a good decent graduation..

Now comes the upper middle class segment who may spend minimum US$30000 to US$60000 towards basic schooling and then even have to invest from US$60000 to US$200000 for higher education of their kids…

The miracle is to get a job sooner and the miracle is to get a break even too sooner..

so let us take example of a middle class fresher who has spent US$90000 on education in span of 20 years.. equivalent to Rs 60 lacs,   so assume this is as most optimistic expenses, we just divide that figure by 2, equivalent to US$45000 normal expenses and pessimistic, upto minimum US$20000 in span of 20 years..

Now to get a break even, in USA it should be quite easy but in India, it means a minimum 3 to 5 years needed to arrive at break even..

So here the real challenges begin… how should education costs be kept as low as possible, how we can really give a good return on investments to students and ensure the parents actually save 50% of the present education costs, and create an unemployment fund to safeguard their kids from getting into depressions and let them pursue education / hobbies of their choices at later stage.

It is all about optimizing costs and improving quality of life.. I find the high tech education costs are too expensive,  and the whole effort of mine is towards making high tech education costs lower.



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