Micro startup

Jane is a lazy girl who prefers being more  on bed sleeping, playing games.. till 1 day..

Jane’s parent decide to put her in hostel..

At hostel, she has to handle everything on her own…

Jane ‘it is really crazy… everything we need to do’

Melissa ‘Jane.. I have a concept MICRO’

Jane ‘what is it all about?’


Jane ‘on what?’

Melissa ‘Boredom?’

Jane ‘common?’

Melissa ‘Health?’

Jane ‘tell me what it all about?’

Melissa ‘Games?’

Jane ‘not again’

Melissa ‘Sex?’

Jane ‘I will hit you.. what is it all about?’

Melissa ‘whoever will google and get useful information beyond paid ones… they will be rewarded US$100 per satisfactory innovation’

Jane ‘how is it possible.. why should we pay someone.. what is the overall gist.. am confused’

Melissa ‘begin searching by new techniques from today’

2 days later

Jane ‘I tried in so many ways to hover over LOVE and finally arrived at one conclusion’

Melissa ‘what?’

Jane ‘Love cannot be purchased on a cart…

Melissa ‘wow.. what a pain point’

Jane ‘so what next…’

Melissa ‘did your sleep / bed time reduce?’

Jane ‘I was so engrossed hovering.. so yes.. I guess I feel more energetic’


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