Love at first sight

Mummy ‘listen child… as you are in teens now, I wish to inform you.. do not ever get carried away.. so many attractive faces will come and go… do not let anyone rob away your heart too soon.. there is nothing like Love at first sight..”

Rose ‘mummy.. I know you got married quite early.. you fell in love at first sight.. but seeing google, facebook.. every moment we see so many faces.. now no face attracts our modern generation immediately.. chill pill’

Mummy ‘common… love can happen at first sight’

Rose ‘and hate can happen too quickly once the honeymoon ends.. hence you separated from my pop so early’

Mummy ‘he never worked to support us’

Rose ‘Mummy.. relax.. I am not getting married or even into relation too soon.. let me stand on my own feet… only then.. yes bit of romance, hug, kisses no problems’

Mummy ‘wish we were more sorted like you. Our generation was different.. we literally led our lives as Mills and Boon’s convey’

Rose ‘poh

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