Some say sorry.. Some No sorry

Susan ‘am so sorry to hurt you’

Rick ‘relax.. no need to say sorry. You have always been doing it.. You can taunt anytime and then just by saying sorry, get away with it.. am not pleased’

Nick who is hearing this conversation jumps in

Nick ‘I do not regret loving your wife Susan.. so am not sorry for this. You never treated her a lady with respect’

Rick smiles and says ‘I do not wany any sorry. It is so easy to give flimsy reasons and break from a relation’

Susan ‘I am sorry, if I hurt you. It just happened. I guess I just fell in love with Nick and somewhere we had also distanced out’

Nick ‘Sorry is just a dangerous word.  I think we should use it with discretion.. how about an IOT device guiding us to inform us when to say Sorry and when not to’

Rick ‘Great.. so what if we have messy relationships, we can always be partners in this venture..  Nick.. will use your AI expertise and map the patterns of when to say sorry and when not to.. Do not take Susan as example.. She is too found of saying ‘Sorry’

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