Godly message

Human ‘I gave everything and got nothing’

God ‘I gave nothing but got everything’

Human ‘are you kidding?’

God ‘I am just a symbol or a belief..    people build huge infrastructure around me, so many employment opportunities and everything just on a belief’

Human ‘should we stop believing you?’

God ‘it is up to you, whatsoever you gave, is out of your good will or fear or happiness. When you got nothing.. why crib’

Human ‘how can I remove that cribbing habit?’

God ‘that is the only difference.. how can you get rid is upto you, stay contended and come up with a philosophy  ‘I gave everything, got nothing but got everything’

It means ‘even if money is given or love is given and assume you do not get any love or any returns of that money or love given, still you get a good will and that good will will generate more good will to make people believe you, love you and respect you


love can be dangerous

joy ‘let us get married because we both are madly in love with each other’

louisa hugs joy

There is a big noise..

Louisa and Joy both dead…

Frank was deeply in love with louisa but never expressed and this embrace had shocked him.

Impulsive love can lead to gross mistakes..


Nancy ‘hey guys… just get up now.. drama over.. our startup focuses on 1 minute short films on social causes.. do not get overboard..

Joy, Louisa, Frank all echo ‘Cheers’


Mosquito Lessons

Mosquito Lessons:

Am there a carrier, to make you realize that we love viral messages, we read viral message, we love to go viral, we pay to go viral, so why not accept me as the influencer out here.. I benefit good causes like Doctor’s profession and throw challenges to them to improve their diagnostic skills.  One of the lessons, which I teach you is that any viral spread only causes disaster or it helps build awareness. Hope all spread the right content, messages to build awareness..

Salary rise? Offshoring? Labor Dignity?

Cobbler ‘Rs30 per shoe polish (5 minutes of job) = Rs6 per minute..

Doctor ‘Rs150 per health checkup (5 minutes of job) = Rs30 per minute

BPO associate ‘Rs12000 per month, for 20 days = Rs600 per day = Rs600 per 8 hours = Rs600 per 480 minutes = Rs1.5 per minute approx

Software Engineer  Rs30000 per month for 20 days = Rs1500 per day = Rs1500 per 8 hours  = Rs1500 per 480 minutes = Rs2.5 per minute approximately.

Mechanical engineer / Electronic engineer / Other engineers all in same range.

Manager  Rs100000 per month for 20 days = Rs5000 per day = Rs5000 per 480 minutes = Rs20 per minute..

Assume in India, someone gets Rs400000 per month, it is max Rs80 per minute..

Reputed Lawyers   Rs5000 per hour = Rs5000/60 = Rs90 per minute

Reputed Doctors may be in same range

Now comes the real costly folks

Plumber = Rs250 per 2 minute = Rs125  per minute (to check if drainage is chocked). As you have no other options, you need to pay the plumber

Rickshaw driver = Rs20 per kilometer, assume Rs5 is overhead, Rs15 per 30 seconds

It means Rickshaw Driver and Manager both nearly have potential to earn same.

Rs 100 per minute (Mobile repair) you are desperate to get data, you will pay it.

The point here is Labor Respect.

We are too hung up in white collared job or blue collared but reality is that if we wish to only earn money, become a specialist in something which no one wishes to do, but at same time too important..

So looking at these statistics, am sure developed countries should be giving more and more projects to developing countries like India or any other similar costing countries

Joy ‘are you mad? why you are trying to think this way?’

PS ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK is all about probing something which is never talked about openly..   may be after this statistics, you may just hug your maid and gift her some dress for being loyal to you’




9 nights of penance

Penance to

  1. give power to vanish all evils of life
  2. give patience to vanish all negative energies from life
  3. give peace to vanish all turbulence from mind
  4. give perseverance to vanish all obstacles from goals set
  5. give prudence to vanish all foolish thoughts from heart
  6. give pride to vanish all ego’s within self and others
  7. give pleasure to vanish all  skeletons from past
  8. give perfection to vanish all all demons in our heart, mind and real
  9. give prosperity to vanish all poverty to uplift mankind

NAVRATRI (Nine nights of strong determination to vanish evil) and celebrate victory

A combination of multiple P’s to arrive at formulae of success




my best friend

my best friend.. my lappy

i keep pressing its keys left right and center

sometimes up, sometimes down

at blogs or in linked in or in face book

it keeps being used only with few breaks

much as i wished to understand someone replace it

I feel, the whole world is there just on key press

when everything is available so easily in my lappy

and then my smart phone, what I then need still

Dear all, my best friends are ones who understand me and my lappy and who still care for me always… what I wish is just meet them in person too, feeding them.. and if nothing else , offer tea

we as human need to protect ourselves from lappy/smart phone/media addictions



IQ vs EQ

Mind says ‘never fall in love at all’

Heart says ‘fall in love always’

Mind says ‘stay grounded’

Heart says ‘fly till sky reaches limit’

Mind says ‘money is so important to get everything’

Heart says ‘love can bring in money too’

Mind says ‘do not loose your peace for something you are not getting too soon’

Heart says ‘never loose your hope for something, you feel, you will get some day or other’

Julie says ‘dear all..   I am at lost.. should I love him or not?..  he has IQ and EQ both but never can understand when he uses what’

Nick ‘think he has EQ when you feel for his feelings and think of IQ when you feel, he is taking care of your family responsibilities too’