Neeru ‘hey let us meet exactly at 5 pm on highway’

Parmit ‘sure… I really admire.. you are running away from your home just to be with me… how much our distance love made me vulnerable, nervous’

After 3 days.. it is sunshine as usual..

It is Army zone and the buses are being screened.

Parmit ‘Neeru.. be absolutely careful.. lots of security checking’

Neeru ‘If god wishes.. we are going to meet for sure.. I informed my parents that it is a college excursion’

Parmit ‘how much far you are from Milestone Food Mall’

Neeru ‘hardly 10 minutes’

After 10 minutes..

Parmit hears a huge commotion. All running towards a big blast which has happened’

Parmit ‘Neeru.. where are you.. hope all fine’

Neeru’s phone is switched off..

Parmit too rushes and finds over 30 plus dead.. scattered..

Parmit begins crying…

till then Neeru arrives and pat’s Parmit back..

Parmit hugs Neeru and says ‘I love you too much.. I thank god that you are saved’

Neeru ‘life is such that we do not know to feel sad or happy… everything looks rosey and then this disaster’

Multiple army van arrive and the dead bodies are being taken over..

Everywhere a flash emerges ‘we want to retialate’

Neeru and Parmit reach a temple near by and get married..

At night

Parmit ‘do you feel we created a crime’

Neeru ‘relax.. do not worry too much… love drives people to do crazy things.. some even kill, seek revenge because of love.. only think love needs to not create unrest’

Parmit ‘but it will happen, your religion, community everything different’

Neeru ‘why cannot we set example that LOVE cannot be defeated’

Parmit ‘How?’

Neeru ‘let us announce to the world that ‘

Next day
‘breaking news.. on one side there is a war threat and on other side a love story… Should these folks be punished’

Multiple opinion polls come in..

Both Neeru and Parmit are in strict custody’

Police “You can be booked for terrorism’

Both echo ‘why?’

Police ‘don’t you hear the unrest.. the whole country is full of emotions’

Neeru ‘this is peace experiment for you.. let us wait and watch’

2 days latter

Police ‘never imagined.. 1 million wish you both should get settled and another 25000 troll you, 50000 hate you, 100000 want to kill you’

Neeru smiles

Neeru ‘just for a small hate population, we forget love.. we forget peace.. I sincerely wish the soul’s departed get peace… My heart goes for all who died.. but security lapses.. imagine I was traveling in a civil bus.. and still reached in time’

Police look at each other..

Neeru ‘what you plan to do?’

Police ‘an enquiry… we will trace you and’

Neeru ‘hope so….’

Before Police realizes.. both Neeru and Parmit disappear…

Police ‘unbelievable.. is it ghost or real.. are they existing’

4 week latter

Neeru’s family ‘our family decided to disown her.. and she was killed by mob’

Parmit’s family ‘do not talk about him.. he committed suicide just few months back’

Police Ahmed ‘seriously when peace will come in.. not sure.. hope so..’

Valentine day business

Maria ‘every valentine, individuals purchase rose to share with their beloved ones’s and my family living is off the rose plantations.. a family business. But i want to move over to chocolate making’

Rick ‘Maria, as wife, have seen you passionately decorating roses for years.. why this chocolate wave’

Maria ‘complimentary gift.. and I too love chocolates’

Rick ‘that business needs food authority approvals’

Maria ‘yes… and have already applied’

Rick ‘how you compete?’

Maria ‘it will be a special flavor chocolate ‘crispy rose chocolate’

Rick ‘what?’

Maria ‘yes a bit of rose flavor dash over cream chocolate’

Rick ‘will it taste good’

Maria shares a chocolate hand made by her.. and gives a rose to Rick

Rick ‘reverse gear.. I am supposed to give you rose’

Maria ‘gender equality dear… why not me giving you that’

Rick hugs Maria

Rick ‘cool crispy rose chocolate business’