AI 2050

Scene 1
Maya ‘is it real.. why am feeling as if it is someone different..and not me’
Chris ‘miracle…. just a few days back’

Scene 2
4 boys working in computer…
Rick ‘if this happens.. we have done.. soul transplant’
Moses ‘please.. this Ai is not fun.. you have literally captured her entire story, her incidents, her facebook chat, her twitter handles, her linked in links and even whatsapp chats and…
Clark ‘and… into a chip… and zoon… into pace maker’
Peter ‘and… also as chip.. in a new born.. once the kid is 4 year old’

Scene 3
Maya ‘who am I?’
Nick ‘2 years back.. you were almost dead… however.. with a team of 4, we got an innovation to transplant soul.. so we put a soul of an 18 year lively girl in you’
Maya ‘am 40’
Nick ‘so what… live a new life.. enjoy.. AI 2050 for you’


A sudden morning attack and everything gone..
Hate has seaped into individuals to such an extent that there are so many exchange of hate messages due to social media…
Does God really want an End? and have a new beginning?

God ‘I do not know why it happens.. all messengers are supposed to do only good’

Human ‘Me too… Do not know whom to believe, whom to worship.. what is the final outcome’

God ‘Historically good and evil both thrived… The good over evil is the final outcome’

Human ‘but at what cost?’

God ‘all have become angels. Self realization and actualization will happen for sure one day’

Sam meets Sam

Sam ‘am your internal truth’
Sam2 ‘an external truth’
Sam ‘what is that?’
Sam2 ‘am the body’
Sam ‘am the soul’
Sam2 ‘why are we talking now in this blog’
Sam ‘some fools are making AI tools for getting companion and so on’
Sam2 ‘is it so?’
Sam ‘so am practicing blogging too’
Sam2 burst laughing
Sam ‘humans want to make each part of body replacable so why not soul’
Sam2 ‘cool idea… we are going overboard with everything.. hope we don’t have soul replacing strategies too coming in’
Sam ‘am amused with all this.. surely they are gone mad.. to replace humans with machines… ‘

Glory in what we do

Sarah ‘this is what I have to say to all who feel demoralized’

Maya ‘do you know 2 weeks back, we got this set back email, that our visit to Jammu and Kashmir got cancelled because of war like situation’

Sarah ‘each one of us fights a war every day… we cross borders, we stay within in our mind and heart, control our body, loose our control.. imagine the warriors inside us selflessly fighting for all of us. At times a virus attack, at time a bacteria, if nothing else then a love attack or a break attack. We need to declare awards and acknowledge our heart, brain, liver, kidney, stomach, nose, eyes, ears, lips and skin, apart from hands and legs to be with us through out our journey..
glory in what we do is sort of celebration to think that everything is intact.. some small losses should not be feared or we get depressed because of it..’

Sarah ‘do you know I lost 1 brother from India and 1 from Pakistan.. both were my own.. I am at loss of words… why it happens.. why we wish to define boundaries or capture ones.. beyond my grasp.. we need to help ourselves and unite to make a stronger unit and look at bigger picture..’