AI 2050

Scene 1
Maya ‘is it real.. why am feeling as if it is someone different..and not me’
Chris ‘miracle…. just a few days back’

Scene 2
4 boys working in computer…
Rick ‘if this happens.. we have done.. soul transplant’
Moses ‘please.. this Ai is not fun.. you have literally captured her entire story, her incidents, her facebook chat, her twitter handles, her linked in links and even whatsapp chats and…
Clark ‘and… into a chip… and zoon… into pace maker’
Peter ‘and… also as chip.. in a new born.. once the kid is 4 year old’

Scene 3
Maya ‘who am I?’
Nick ‘2 years back.. you were almost dead… however.. with a team of 4, we got an innovation to transplant soul.. so we put a soul of an 18 year lively girl in you’
Maya ‘am 40’
Nick ‘so what… live a new life.. enjoy.. AI 2050 for you’

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