The Indian Dilemna

The Indian Dilemna
It is not about uniqueness but the unique ability to follow a leader or follow a proven trend. Disruptions may come from multiple quarters and each disruptions may lead to again some trend. The risk taking appetite exists in plenty but more at individual persay. The moment the individual gets into a group, the risk appetite slow diminishes, it looses it shine and what comes out is mediocre follow on leaders emerging. The business moves from selling commodities to selling startups and it keeps ringing cash. But the unique ability to be a global leader perishes in the greed to be contented with more money. So we are happy being service focused and do strive to make more products and many innovations emerge too, but all is lost when the thought leaders perceive India not as unique product developer due to lack of technology or labs and believe India has more innovations in implementing grass root problems. The citizens are caught between imitating west and struggling to cope with the Indian culture and in crux of all this, the compassion for nation comes in and times we tend to get too emotional about boundaries, rights and after all the buzz stop, everyone else too become silent.

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