Sleeping wisdom

Sleeping wisdom
When we are asleep, our subconscious mind gets into deep slumber, then dream begins and when we wake up, reality strikes in..
Same is situation of many youth today, they are in deep slumber awaiting the dream and subsequently they will need to wake up and realize unless and until we do not put hardwork, self skill and be humble/polite/grounded, challenges will continue to exist.
Same is situation of many individuals who move out of their land to new land, hoping they will get livelihood and subsequently end up being coined some ridiculous jargon or deported back.
Same is the situation of the common man, who hope, a better tomorrow will come, wake up and find they were where they are..

Sleeping wisdom is all about realizing that reality may or may not be same as dream, and hence we need to to freshen up, prepare self for better future.

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