Titanic war

Business Man 1 ‘if at all you will send your goods to me, you will need to curb the duty’

Business Man 2 ‘what.. and what if I send goods to you?’

Business Man 1 looks upward

Business Man 3 ‘isn’t this self sufficiency big bang theory becoming too much?’

Business Man 1 ‘seriously.. but I promised so many things.. so’

Business Man 2 ‘am also sailing in same boat’

Business Man 3 ‘hey.. I want to leave.. please discuss when you are alone, I do not want to sink with you’

Business Man 3 leaves and has an icecream near the port

Icecream shop owner ‘Sir.. this icecream exports to even USA’

Business Man 3 ‘are you mad? how.. will it not melt?’

Icecream shop owner ‘dear… only in my dream’

Business Man 3 bursts laughing

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