How to read a mind like a book?

Am reading an imaginary book ‘how to read a mind like a book’. The first chapter – My thoughts

The second chapter – My dreams

The third chapter – My story

The fourth chapter – My pain points

The fifth chapter – My solutions

The sixth chapter – My partners

The seventh chapter – My philosophy

The eight chapter – My lessons learnt

The night chapter – My family

The tenth chapter – My self

(Who all wish to begin writing a book along with me and read it. With over 30 plus years experience in IT, am waiting to have a cup of coffee with Sir Bill Gates. He may not be seeing this message too, but nevertheless the same now in technical way

My thoughts – abstract

My dreams – inheritence

My story – service

My painpoints – interface

My solutions – framework

My partners – tools

My philosophy – provider

My lessons Learnt – logs

My family – collections

My self – object

Thanks for all whomsoever bothered to read me like a book

Happy Book Lover’s day.

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