My office is no office

Joy is a happy go lucky mentor cum trainer. With a very small office space literally to ensure folks learn and earn in most frugal way, he comes across a strange situation.

Nancy ‘it is too small.. how many employees?’

Joy ‘as many as you think’

Nancy ‘do we have freshers?’

Joy ‘you are also a fresher right?’

Nancy ‘are they working or non working?’

Joy ‘experience is not about being in paid salary or being unpaid.. it is all about knowledge gain to scale up futher’

Nancy ‘I am scared’

Joy ‘Startups are scary.. they are like horror stories where you may shriek, you may feel pressure.. you may learn a lot of self defence only to find at the end a winner emerging. Either you sustain or you move to next job’

Joy ‘An average mind psychology is what looks big seems beautiful. A very rich billionaire feels small is beautiful and historically everything which is precious is small or rare. Moral of story.. you may loose something big becausee of ignorance or not able to value small’

Joys of life

Sam ‘I want to understand why human falter in decision’

Priest ‘because our brain has multiple thoughts lingering in mind’

Sam ‘how to control them’

Priest ‘our brain is the universe with thoughts as sea waves rushing to our mind as tides and if it pushes too much.. it gives headache else it remains calm’

Sam ‘all do not get headache’

Priest ‘because as creator, the human puts across multiple small shells to smoothen the wave.. the shells are joys of life.. being happy and having good thoughts for all, being in love always helps’

Sam ‘i am all alone.. single’

Priest ‘fall in love with self. many more loners like you.. enjoy life with them as friends and all will be fine’

Sam ‘am so busy’

Priest ‘whatsapp, facebook.. if nothing else write love stories.. all will be fine’

Sam ‘am surprised.. you being priest telling me so’

Priest ‘Any rigid thought leads to stiffling and then revolt.. true joy of life is in liberating mind and body from shackles of conservatism and get to mature thinking of how to be more closer to God’

Sam ‘how?’

Priest ‘each loner is a star in self.. a god.. no harm interacting with them and falling in love with them’

Sam rushes back home..

Sam ‘is he a priest’

Back behind the Priest removes his dress and moves to his regular attire of Jeans and Shirt and hums a song and looks at the sea waves

A girl hugs him from behind

Ronny ‘hey common was waiting for you for so much time.. then just saw this depressed guy and’

Jenny ‘and..’

Ronny ‘nothing.. I carry a big bag of my magical dress.. put it.. and there he got happy’

Jenny ‘when will you improve’

Ronny ‘I teach people to fall in love.. I love being in love with many simultaneously’

Jenny ‘do not forget me’

Ronny ‘I always told you.. I can love many.. but you are there a big special place in my heart.. thanks for understanding this multi dimensional lover’

Employment Comedy

Employment Comedy

A leader told the other B leader that if all individuals from the community get jobs, the A leader will surely support B

B knows that really speaking jobs are not possible, but interview calls can be created, so agrees.

Now if the youth fail in interviews, it is A leader’s problem. A leader didn’t want skill development as goal.

B leader got shock when A said ‘you think am fool.. we want you to give government jobs’

B however was shocked not because of the demand but because B knows that the government key projects are going to be privatized and more unemployment foreseen so was shocked to know that how come A leader never bothered to read news papers.

Till then C leader came and said.. technology is the only way to go and he is all out for robotic process automations’

A leader ‘what is RPA?’

B leader ‘it seems a way to support unemployment’

C leader ‘dear it is to remove more people’

A leader ‘guys.. surely will not support B’

C leader ‘relax.. we can always tell that millineals are very selfish and they never thought of future employment or employable folks and public may believe it too’

B ‘this is a good point’

A ‘then I will support you B’

C ‘so is RPA approved?’

B and A Surely Yes.

C ‘will you also support startups?’

B ‘make grand announcements of all startups who can improve productivity will get funded ‘

A ‘am not going to invest ok.. my state already in problem’

B ‘dear.. colleges who start incubation centers they have to identify investors ok.. we all should follow those investors’

C ‘I know couple of reputed industry people’

B ‘excellent.. ask them to start some incubation / accelerator program’

A ‘I will support you B’

C ‘we will need 100M$’

A and B look at each other

B ‘sanctioned’

A ‘hey 1 minute.. Isn’t C from the same state where you were also staying way back?’

B ‘did you ever see me there in past many years’

A ‘No’

B ‘trust is important.. please remember we care for all folks the most’

A ‘yes.. will support you this time’

C ‘should I announce this to all’

Till then D comes in

D ‘dear all.. what about me?’

A, B and C ‘dear D.. we never try to catch you.. do not worry at all. just make some noise when we wish.. and rest will be taken care of’

D disappears..

Ishwar wakes up suddenly

His mom ‘whole time thinks of politics.. relax.. you are not cut out of it.. hence we named you Ishwar thoughtfully’


Rajguru had a strange habit of abusing any person always

Dog, Lame, Idiot etc

One day Shiny came in his life. Shiny was a smart English graduate with proficiency in multiple languages.

Shiny ‘Raj.. why don’t you compile a dictionary of bad abuses’

Raj ‘Are you idiot of first order?’

Shiny ‘precisely.. you love to abuse so much.. Let us make this dictionary.. a starup.. the world wants to know the choicest of abuses to be given to folks.. we can categorize the words to make it look good and also have voice records put in you tube’

Raj ‘are you mad.. serious dumb asshole’

Shiny ‘wow.. so much of filth in mouth.. proceed and let us unite and make millions’

Raj bursts laughing…

Raj ‘you are real weird bimbo’



The essence of all these movies have 1 common factor

The poor / common man seem victims most of time.


Multiple decades earlier in India there was a burden of tax which was to such an extent, that people ended up committing suicide, or were killed due to disobedience and then one great leader decides to fight for his small territory only to find a huge rampant in neighboring territories due to heavy taxation. Then it becomes a mass fight to oppose the government in power


Here the hero has a disorder, suppressed, bullied to an extent where the internal desire to prove self emerges and the feeling that he is not a discarded, thrown item but someone who can take on the mighty and even ensure people begin watching his moves to such an extent that he is even invited for a show. The internal civil war emerges as many begin voicing their thoughts and even taking law in own hands.


It shows an individual a hardcore nationalist fighting for his country and how the terrorists even go ahead with a more horrifying game plan to put the nationalist re-evaluate his purpose of being a patriot. The top notch politicians seem hand in glue

All 3 are reasonable blockbusters not because of stable economy but because of silent unrest being rejoiced in movie


Mary ‘am going to give some important lessons to startups’

Rafiq ‘Mam.. we are got sick and tired of 16 weeks accelerator programs. It is like doing some crash diploma in management’

Mary so here you go..

1 Think of an idea

2) Check if idea is already converted to product or service’.. google

3) If yes.. good there is proven revenue model.. if no.. then check if it really solves pain point of someone. if it solves.. .go ahead..

Soumya ‘wait. pause.. all this we already know’


4) Now begin identifying all your cofounders.. You are now going to marry 3- 5 folks simultaneously… a marketing person, a technical person, an accounts person, an advisor ..

Neo ‘hey who is the 5th person?’

5) You are the founder…

6) Dilute your shares.. as much as possible give less of yourself and extract more’

Jones ‘this is not fair’

7) Decide your share holding pattern and then name the idea, book a domain, make website and ensure all of you keep smiling on the photo’s.’

Tresa ‘but is it this not already known’

8) Getting together is most important.. so here all of you stay in 1 big property together for 40 days’

Somya ‘a twist in story’

9) 5 folks.. imagine you are in big boss episode.. and every day you are seeing each other, solving problems.. no one teaching you anything’

Neo ‘but we do not have money for doing so?’

Mary ‘paid holiday US$50 per day per person x 5 x 40 workdays = US$10000’

Jones ‘oh this much of money we get’

Mary ‘dear No..

10) You need to pay US$2500 only for same.. just a 500$ contribution from 5

11) your domain, website, digital marketing.. everything sorted.. some small development too and you now begin surveying identifying customers’

Mary ‘how much the property owner contributed?’

Somya ‘US$10000’

Mary ‘is it not fair for that person to get an equity of 15%’

All agree

12) Dilute your shares to the property owner..’

Joes then

13) Go and identify a nearest match customer with loads of similar business folks know to the customer’

Lovely ‘then?’

14)Now all of you offer that customer a solution at his chosen price’

Somya ‘what if the customer wants it free?’

15) Check pricing through survey and accept whatsoever price offered’

16) Now with 1 client, update that client name in website

17) Hold a joint even with customer included and celebrate project success once delivered’

18)Offer a 10% referral to the customer for recommending business to other folks for at least 50 clients’

Somya ‘will they agree’

19) ‘Dear only Business to Consumer startups scale up.. I cannot think of business to business as cycle time to convert a lead is too big’

20) Celebrate 50 customers.. all in span of 40 days

Lovely ‘so easy?’

21 ‘getting together all of you in a house, you will understand all your shortcomings and then god knows who will be remaining with whom and then on;ly form a real legal valid company.. Many names will get wiped out from website, new will come in.. that is life.. resolve all conflicts before creating a legal company’

Mary ‘hey hope you enjoyed my 1 minute approach’

Somya ‘weird.. but liked it’

Offshore- Onsite

Des = offshore
Pardes = onsite

D ‘common I talked about illegal immigrants way back 4 decades earlier. Though it was superhit movie.. still if someone would have seen the movie, it shows how immigration issues emerge’

T ‘is it so? bollywood? ‘

D ‘am no longer there’

T ‘what?’

D ‘you will never realize, I was much ahead of time.. not only that.. I showed the Swami corruptions too’

T ‘what?’

D ‘if nothing else… then watch at least my movies”

T ‘do you feel your movies can solve all problems?’

D ‘for every movie I made, I had full of PASSION’

T ‘why you say me all this?’

D ‘am tempted to make a movie on Employment’

T ‘so do it?’

D ‘but am not there’

T ‘so what you wish from me?’

D ‘can you play a role in my movie?

T ‘are you crazy?’

D ‘you look so serious and good when you commit to people, very good acting’

T ‘who are you?’

D ‘look here.. am not sure which Alphabet you are, but I am God’