Packs of Card

Nancy ‘am a joker in pack of cards.. can fit anywhere’

Rose ‘This is an incident which I am reminded of’

Nancy ‘what is it?’

Rose ‘my hubby Bob as an employee would be ready to do any type of job, right from data entry, cold calling, sales, programming, analysis, design, management etc and then I day’

Nancy ‘what happened?’

Rose ‘his boss chucked him out’

Nancy ‘what??’

Rose ‘He started a venture ‘PACK OF CARDS’

Nancy ‘what is it all about?’

Rose ‘we identify 4 teams.. 12 each’ and 4 jokers

Nancy ‘and ?’

Rose ‘these teams are exactly mapped according to card numbers.. with King, Queen and Jack too and they work on assignments taken by Bob’

Nancy ‘and what about Joker?’

Rose ‘guess what?’

Nancy ‘not sure’

Till then Bob comes in

Bob ‘Jokers are the entrepreneurs’

Nancy ‘what?’

Bob ‘My accelerator program.. this was an idea provided by PASSION FRAMEWORK and am doing well’

Nancy ‘who guided you there’

Bob ‘my boss. he felt I was capable of doing much more.. so sacked me, invested on me and here I am’

Nancy ‘so?’

Rose ‘get ready to become an entrepreneur, if you can fit anywhere’

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