Offshore- Onsite

Des = offshore
Pardes = onsite

D ‘common I talked about illegal immigrants way back 4 decades earlier. Though it was superhit movie.. still if someone would have seen the movie, it shows how immigration issues emerge’

T ‘is it so? bollywood? ‘

D ‘am no longer there’

T ‘what?’

D ‘you will never realize, I was much ahead of time.. not only that.. I showed the Swami corruptions too’

T ‘what?’

D ‘if nothing else… then watch at least my movies”

T ‘do you feel your movies can solve all problems?’

D ‘for every movie I made, I had full of PASSION’

T ‘why you say me all this?’

D ‘am tempted to make a movie on Employment’

T ‘so do it?’

D ‘but am not there’

T ‘so what you wish from me?’

D ‘can you play a role in my movie?

T ‘are you crazy?’

D ‘you look so serious and good when you commit to people, very good acting’

T ‘who are you?’

D ‘look here.. am not sure which Alphabet you are, but I am God’

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