Rajguru had a strange habit of abusing any person always

Dog, Lame, Idiot etc

One day Shiny came in his life. Shiny was a smart English graduate with proficiency in multiple languages.

Shiny ‘Raj.. why don’t you compile a dictionary of bad abuses’

Raj ‘Are you idiot of first order?’

Shiny ‘precisely.. you love to abuse so much.. Let us make this dictionary.. a starup.. the world wants to know the choicest of abuses to be given to folks.. we can categorize the words to make it look good and also have voice records put in you tube’

Raj ‘are you mad.. serious dumb asshole’

Shiny ‘wow.. so much of filth in mouth.. proceed and let us unite and make millions’

Raj bursts laughing…

Raj ‘you are real weird bimbo’

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