Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all friends here.
PASSION completes 22 years of its focus on grooming students from rural areas / small towns who cannot afford high cost education. We help them work on couple of internship projects and eventually they get job opportunities.
Membership fee is near free or 500 to INR 6000 bucks.

We welcome more and more students to work on real time AI projects with us.

Our startup ecosystem has been doing well, where in less then 1000US$ per month, we help set business for companies in India and includes website development, hosting project management, software development, digital marketing, sales, product promotion, HR interventions. More costs if project need larger canvas. For few we have even done it at 500$ per month.. Goal is to build a strong entrepreneurship, research ecosystem
Please revert back on 1-1 basis

We have been benchmarked as on par with top 10% accelerator programs with reference to competency development

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