Trillion Vision, Million Dreams, 1000 Realities, 100 Issues, 8 Focuses, 1 Differentiator

Focusing only on the positive aspects to make some dreams come true for some set vision
1) Stop differentiating individuals on basis of religion
2) Encourage backoffices more in rural areas which in turn will boost employment
3) Have more opportunities for internship created
4) Education has to be affordable and meaningful and it makes more sense to further disrupt the same and bring in micro education systems by reducing years of graduation itself and focusing more on practical experiences for minimum 2 years
5) Industries / NGOs can help in identifying minimum 5 digitization opportunities which creates a big pool of painpoints for solving the same.
6) If import taxes curbed and more opportunities for exports identified, it will boost the manufacturing sector.
7) There should not be more alterations to GST, It may impact consumption, inflation.
8) Planning large scale infrastructure projects is not a need as it really gets meaningless if consumption pattern itself gets reduced.

1 Differentiator – Changing Mindsets.
Am piloting whatsoever is possible within individual constraints to bring in some small little mindset changes for everyone for point 1,2,3,4,5 Need more collaborators

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