Independence day

Independence day – a day of breaking away from shackles of everything perceivable and real slavery.  It is a goal and a reminder to contribute and serve nation and humanity with right doses of patriotism, knowledge, compassion and passion to serve mankind for good causes and society welfare.

10 seconds

James ‘I feel like hugging you”

Sarah ‘why?’

James ‘morning hugs.. most welcoming’

Sarah ‘so.. why you are waiting?’

James ‘consent.. yours?’

Sarah ‘for hugs too consent?..’

James ‘Global data protection rights… is buzz word.. am working on global sentiment protection rights’

Sarah ‘are you mad… 10 seconds over..  hug me directly next time.. do not ask for consent’

James ‘but.. it is sensitive’

Sarah ‘you are outright stupid process researcher’


Some thoughts

Nosey ‘i always tend to poke my nose in between’

Eary ‘I try to catch whatsoever I  can hear’

Lipsy ‘I love to feel whatsoever I can’

Eyesy ‘I love to grasp whatsoever i can ‘

Enters Artificial Intelligent Expert John in discussions..

John ‘do you know.. your power…  we are still researching on how to predict a human behavior as to when he or she will poke nose inbetween, when they will try to hear too much and misinterpret too much and what all they will eat in day and see.. we have cookies, session management and many other ways to capture events, but for ears and nose.. still struggling’

Nosey laughs

Eary too…

Nosey ‘a human loves which smell… a human hears what in world.. no one has proof as we never know many pretend they are hearing but their mind somewhere else’


Life Color

Sam is an expert entrepreneur mentor, till one day a small kid shows him some magic

Kid ‘Uncle ! Do you know that I can predict your mood from color of shirt which your wear’

Kid ‘today you are gloomy’

Sam ‘why? ‘

Kid ‘because you have put grey shirt and black pant’

Sam begins laughing

Sam ‘are you alone in the garden,.. where is your mom/dad?’

Kid ‘stay close by.. so come alone and keep chatting with elders in the garden’

Sam ‘why.. you cannot play like normal kid’

Kid ‘So many come in this garden.. escaping from home.. I too.. my parents keep shouting at each other every moment… so time pass in garden’

Sam reaches home at night and ponders

The kid is alone because of parents

Am alone because of lack of attention by kids since my wife expired

Sam ‘Mingling at times becomes stress buster… so an app for networking senior citizens can really solve problem’



Happy friendship day

A friend maybe with you, near you, away from you however can understand you like a person who has mastered your system. The friend, if positive can shape you and if no, can impact you negatively.

The whole friendship day is around celebrating a binding, true or false, still a binding..

If life brings across us multiple strangers, we chose to get attached to only few, sometimes that 1 special friend whom you feel like sharing every thing..

Not necessarily your partner.. nor your foe.. a person whom you tell those honest truth of your life with a hope that friend gives you solution and never ditches you..

a trust built and most important friends should never let the trust go down.. what is the use of hiding something from someone, if you thought you were a friend..

if you hide for a good reason, still remember that friend will still love you, because of genuine care and affection.

celebrate your relation with care, nurture them with love..  everything will be fine..

I return back.. again… after a long gap..

thanks for being friends always… share this message with one and all your friends.


Jobless? Unemployment? Fresher?

Engineering Stream
Should I really invest in skill development during college tenure?
Answer : If you are very confident that you will gain adequate knowledge in JAVA/C++/MYSQL etc, no problems. However any investment should not be more then US$150/- max per year.

But I will get only a training certificate?
If the certificate adds value to your portfolio, no probs, else internship is right way to gain experiences.

I do not want any paid internship?
If there are costs associated to training, you may need to pay, or you may need to get into bond etc, again, review the offerings, compare market rates, look at overall project prospect and get going..

It doesn’t sound like internship?
Dear.. freshers, when they get into large companies, are trained, or in bench or keep struggling in small companies, so any learning opportunity is internship only. More the knowledge, more the advantage.

I just cannot decide?
Confusion is because we tend to be very overconfident of getting jobs. However the reality is you will not get jobs if you are not confident to attend interviews, not assess your skills, not bother to groom and above all not serious on projects.

We need project desperately, do not mind paid projects?
You are heading to disaster as you will anyways not get any learnings, experiences

I do not understand the project at all?
Project grasp, full understanding of company, project life cycle takes minimum 6 months. No one is going to give you full domain knowledge in couple of days..

Do you really feel quality is useful? I want to learn only JAVA or Angular JS?
Dear.. with good knowledge of quality, it will serve life long purpose. The market demand for quality professionals are huge.. You do need to realize global market needs CMMi, ISO, ITIL and so on.. do not ignore quality.. and you do need to understand nuances of project management

I want to work on data science project… only want to learn R and Python?
Dear… who said to you only knowing R and Python can qualify you to become data scientist or data engineer.. ? Multiple integration touch points you need to know, building foundations strong, fetches better results.

I already know C / C++? Can anyone help in JAVA or Javascript?
Each person needs to be aware of OOPS and the entire DOM structure.. Knowing indepth knowledge of pointers / classes help you more better

I am not interested in report writing / analytics but am asked to make reports only?
The problem with you, is that you ignored SQL and just got overboard learning couple of controls and assumed you know JAVA or .Net.. reality is you have never bothered to complete 1 decent project in your education tenure.

I am not interested in joining you.. I have already joined a company and getting job..
Cool.. 2 years down the line, you will be stuck with same technology and you will never have opportunities to upgrade skills , so enjoy the job, but realize, you are going to be obsolete within 2 years, then you will again be groping to join some courses, or may get more payment in same skills in other company and after 10 years, you face a risk of job loss, no growth, insecurity.. married and all that, you will run to high cost institutes, pay very good fee, desperately trying to look for jobs..

Why so much lecturing? we know what to do?
It is our business, none of your business?

Excellent.. welcome to the IT industry and experience the thunder sooner or later.. No one tells the bitter truth of this industry, till you experience it. Next time, you see some of your friends idling, not doing anything and still getting paid and you are struggling to get decent job..
understand… no college teacher knows the reality, unless the college professor is not in industry.. so searching truth is what education is all about.

What you expect us to do?

Just ping a hi , with a smile…