India  and The USA – A Prospective Partnership

By Vishal Kale

I use the word “prospective” with awareness and caution both –India-USA has so far shown only promise, some forward movement, with little realized benefit. And yet, despite this reality – in all Global Trade, it is probably the one Partnership that can develop into something that will stand the test of time. Therefore, let us take a balanced but succinct look at this Economic and Trade partnership along the 2 most important parameters that will coalesce to turn this into a defining partnership – namely, Economics / Trade & People 2 People contacts


  • Economics & Trade :
    1. While the problems remain – distance, worldview, technological gap, and more; but in this space there are many synergies that can be and are being successfully tapped. These range from Energy to Consumer Goods, spanning the entire chain of goods and services. Happily, the interchange is two-way. India presents a large market; the gap in the worldviews here is that USA looks at entering it from a profit perspective, while India wants to develop internal capabilities. Both positions are untenable for the reasons outlined below
    2. Business is a Give and Take. We Indians need to be more flexible in allowing access, as Business is always a for-profit undertaking. That means we have to provide greater flexibility to the US’ Companies. At the same time The USA has to be far more flexible in helping our companies develop through opportunities, skills, technology; in short – we offer the market, but also want investment {in terms of $, Technology both} in it, helping create jobs, skills internally. The US need for profit has to be balanced with the Indian need to develop strong a strong manufacturing base that has significant value-adds to the product lines it manufactured.
    3. There is movement on this front – as more and more companies take to India, like IBM which has an innovation center or Apple which is planning a facility in India. So, the future is bright; all it needs is deft handling and patience – the right initiation has now been done. As more and more organisations start look for alternatives to China, it places India-USA in a sweet spot.
    4. The task now is to gain forward momentum. That requires India to take a strong look at its enabling environment – time to set up, factor of production, duty structures, and more. This will help India to become an attractive destination point as a Global Center for Manufacturing and Services both.
  • People to People : This is by far the most promising part of the exercise undertaken in this article – given the long history of people to people contact through various means between India and the USA. This is being further strengthened by the US experiences in our neighbourhood, the Indian propensity to use English for Trade & Business – as well as the similarity of our political systems. Not only that – in terms of trade, the needs of the two countries are also complementary; all that is required is for both to adjust and compromise to reach a Win-Win scenaro. And the name of “compromise for win-win” is called doing business in a partnership.

Unspoken Truth

Nancy ‘the only truth I know is that am jobless today’

Rob ‘am hungry today’

Claudia ‘am not able to school today’

Arif ‘am lost and confused on where I move forward’

Rose ‘this will not stop.. till a solution comes’

Bob butts in to the zoom call…

Bob ‘we are not sure of what happens post november too.. post elections’

All burst laughing

Arif ‘why is it so funny?’

Claudia ‘am still in school, so am not aware what happens post November.. maybe school reopens’

Rose ‘the unspoken truth is that all of us are being tested for our patience, consistency, persistence, compassion and passion to do something when nothing is available’

Bob ‘next what?’

Nancy ‘let us collaborate, co-create, work and spin off more opportunities.. ‘


Life Metrics

Life Metrics

Life is not what we do everyday, it is something which you begin from someday to make a positive impact on society.
The more we focus on that with tangible output, the more we know that we are going in the right direction.

Some takeaways
a) The best gift we can give to a person who is stuck in problem, is to let that person realize that thinking about a problem should not be the focus, but thinking of ways to solve the problem more important. Being a good listenor helps.
b) Sometimes we may feel we are totally broke, with no sight of money.. The solution lies in taking up any job to withstand that situation but at same time be determined to push your goals and remain attached to those goals to fulfill it.
Through our framework, am helping individuals who wish to rethink, re-invent, build themselves again and cherish, nurture their core dreams and passion.
Do not pause, Do not wait for the right time. Time is present.. and it just fly’s before we realize it. Just get going right away

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Folded Hands

Julie ‘this is what used to happen in India.  No one used to ever shake hands for wishes’

Ajay ‘yes.. and we would not also hug people earlier’

Rony ‘and.. I believe you used to use loads of water with garlic, ginger, turmeric and drink’ at least once every says as Kada’

Julie ‘are we going the old India way’

Ajay ‘corona virus has taught us social distancing’

Rony ‘yes’

Julie ‘now with zoom and google calls.. what we can do is visualize love’

Ajay ‘Indian’s are highly emotional.. A war.. and all talk of boycott..  A patriotic message from leader.. and all will even stop boycotting’

Julie ‘isn’t is fical mindedness’

Ajay ‘no.. our love to take care of people has made us be united for so long inspite of so many divisions.. but unfortunately we too began hugging etc as wishes’

Rony ‘isn’t hugging cool’

Ajay ‘yes.. pre corona virus.. now everything looks so distant.. though I do miss hugs from my girl friend who is staying at her home town’

Rony ‘with folded hands..I request Corona Lord to vanish from earth soon’

Ajay ‘me too..’

Julie ‘me too’

Iqbal suddenly jumps in zoom..

Iqbal ‘what are you guys talking’

Julie ‘to hug or not’

Iqbal ‘hey hug is a cool gesture.. during Eid we used to wish.. but now..’

Julie ‘Pray Lord Allah to have Corona exit from earth soon’

Iqbal ‘Insha Allah’


Am enabling multiple startup ecosystems.. Anyone who is jobless, wishing to start any initiative, want to collaborate do reach out to me.

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Attention Span


In earlier days, we had many reading books of over 100 to 500 pages, however in present times, the headlines play a more important role then the content. The content draws an attention if it is good.

The focus is now more on a combo of image+less data, infographics, voice+image+less data, video+some messaging.

It has become clear that to engage audience, we need to either be very creative in our way of story telling or the purpose how much ever noble, may remain unread.