Fuel for love is care

Fuel for hunger is food

Fuel for joy is fun

Fuel for learning is education

In each aspect of life a catalyst needed.

Ram started a venture Catalyst to connect the dots. He had one burning issue in life

“Why do connecting dots become so complex?”

His wife Sarah is a psychologist.. and she keeps informing him ‘sometimes as human we put tough barriers around us. We know the dots but intentionally avoid filling it”

Ram ‘i connected so many individuals through my social group but yet to find one who can fuel a mass revolution’

Sarah ‘leaders never ask followers to follow them, the followers are volunteers supporting the cause”

Ram “Yes I saw the tweets trending on our leader visiting Silicon Valley.. what next? will there be miracle?’

Sarah “Startups are like baby.. 9 month journey.. all outcomes need minimum 9 months. So any fuel which ignites too soon will always perish”

Ram just gets a call on phone..

Sarah ‘I know you are seeing your subordinate Nancy..hope you don’t self destroy in those distractions as Distractions fuel Failures”

Ram’s face falls down

Sarah “being composed in adversity is hall mark of true leader.. am attempting.  ” She has drop of tears in her eyes

Ram ‘Am sorry”

Sarah ‘being guilty is easy, confessing them difficult and taking decisions the toughest”

Love Job

love is not about questions but of answers which your mind and heart both agree to. same is with reference to your job. If even one negates, you just need to smile and accept the situation as it is.

Love and Job both need search and research for success.

Many may feel why do people fall in love at first sight.

It is because mind and heart both agree simultaneously.

Why do CEOs, Founders decide to start some venture irrespective of knowing all risks. It is because their mind and heart both agree.

Hence PASSION makes people fall in love with their beloved, jobs or even business with a hope that something positive emerges out of all this effort.

Hello Artist

You are an Actor in this life

The stage is given to you

Dialogues come naturally

The twists and turns of life

Other Actors coming in your life

You smile, cry and laugh

You are playing the pivotal role

A role where at times you are rewarded

At times you are awarded

At times you are unsung hero and heroine

Play your role to bring smile to your face

A good artist can excel even in mono act

Remember you are in stage

you need a team to coordinate the action

Alone you can be a clown

Together you can be a circus

Alone you can be a proprietary owner

Together you are a team

A winning team