Soft touch Hard touch

Soft touch ‘people feel so good with just a soft touch’

Hard touch ‘relax.. the world needs stress busters and whenever we see someone angrily hitting at keyboard.. wow.. I feel so good..  the keyboard will be replaced with new one soon’

Soft touch ‘so destructive’

Hard touch ‘don’t compel me to make hitting hard a habit. imagine if all start using hard touch on mobile… can you imagine the chaos’

Robin ‘welcome to the new mobile set..

hard touch doesn’t defeat me

HTST brand for you..

Stop gap arragement

Fred ‘this is just a stop gap arrangement. I will ensure you stay with me in my own home’

Louisa ‘am hearing this for last 5 years. 11 months renewal.. every year.. rental houses.. am fedup’

Fred ‘ well know I cannot.. I have my wife who is cofounder ..and also an investor’

Louisa ‘this whole business of money.. and where is genuine emotion for anyone’

Fred ‘Louisa.. my wife wants to exit from this venture and also me.. she too has a stop gap arrangement… she is already hooked to a big time investor’

Louisa begins laughing..  ‘strange couple.. nothing seems right. everything for you both is stop gap arrangement’


Continual Learning

Continual Learning – philosophical way
Each object in this universe teaches us something. How we understand it depends on our perception, willingness to learn or the mentor who pushes you to listen the knowledge truth.

Continual Learning – the entertainment way
John ‘I really do not understand what you say’
Mary ‘It is because your mind refuses to learn’
John ‘What should I do to bring in interest in learning?’
Mary ‘Just read the topics which interest you..’
John ‘I love reading about galaxy’
Mary ‘Just learn the history of galaxy, pen a story on galaxy, identify the most critical pain point which galaxy has? Is it we trying to reach space too soon?  and just see how exciting it would be exploring knowledge of object (galaxy) you love.
John ‘Cool’

Continual Learning – Quality Way
Plan you day to read some pages of what you wish to read, Check if you have understood what you read and just take a break, enjoy self. Do not overwhelm self with too much reading.
PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act on your continual learning project

Life as a Program

Life as a Program

Life is a program which has variables, constants, services, components, if conditions, loop, exceptions and errors. The more we try to perfect our life, the more the perfection goals need to again be tested, validated and it will take time to stabilize the implementation of the goal. So let us not rush push our ways to reach to our goals, rather chalk out a proper flow chart of what we really wish to do in our lives and stick to those goals.  Exit is mandatory. However getting caught in loop is not a desired expectation by anyone.  We need to avoid getting caught in vicious loops as that will lead to point of no return. Your dreams may just end up remaining dreams only.

Love Soul

Life is a journey where body undergoes transformation. Soul  in us is ageless, a supreme power to guide, motivate and influence you. So if someone loves your soul and guides you, be blessed.

Angels are meant to bless individuals and move them ahead in life.  All angel investors here hopefully love the soul of the startups in which they invest, and keep the body alive for meaningful work to build strong foundation companies.


Some say sorry.. Some No sorry

Susan ‘am so sorry to hurt you’

Rick ‘relax.. no need to say sorry. You have always been doing it.. You can taunt anytime and then just by saying sorry, get away with it.. am not pleased’

Nick who is hearing this conversation jumps in

Nick ‘I do not regret loving your wife Susan.. so am not sorry for this. You never treated her a lady with respect’

Rick smiles and says ‘I do not wany any sorry. It is so easy to give flimsy reasons and break from a relation’

Susan ‘I am sorry, if I hurt you. It just happened. I guess I just fell in love with Nick and somewhere we had also distanced out’

Nick ‘Sorry is just a dangerous word.  I think we should use it with discretion.. how about an IOT device guiding us to inform us when to say Sorry and when not to’

Rick ‘Great.. so what if we have messy relationships, we can always be partners in this venture..  Nick.. will use your AI expertise and map the patterns of when to say sorry and when not to.. Do not take Susan as example.. She is too found of saying ‘Sorry’

Data Science – Are Enterprise ready to implement?

Artificial Intelligence is a super set of Machine Learning..

Machine Learning is a super set of Deep Learning

So what exactly is Deep Learning..

Imagine for a day, you are an IT Governance auditor, and you visit a company and find a group of managers explaining you all the processes being followed and so on.

A small glitch! One of the manager has spelled out that they had a system crash just few days back…

Common Sense intelligence is checking if the company has incident and problem management process in place

Artificial Intelligence is identifying intelligently if existing incident logs are analyzed and AI tool pin points the problem or root cause analysis of incident

Machine learning tools which have NLP capabilities (Natural language processing) are used to identify various data elements within the incident log. However for arriving at an appropriate cause, deeper analysis of data is needed. The taxonomy dictionary which needs to be built is most cumbersome. Have seen multiple companies struggle towards getting real value of inferences. Reasoṇs: The statisticians are experts in drawing inferences, however we need very strong management principles adapted to correlate those inferences with actual grasp and insight of company issues and arrive at identifying core problem from collection of incident records.

With nearly 2 decades or even more, studying government, NGO, rural, urban data and then those machine data (Engine/Automation plants and so on), I feel the data science buzz should really be understood by more and more CIOs /CXOs and even before venturing into data, it would make sense if the core process functions be strengthened. As without basic data capture in place, the real value of data science will not reach the senior management team of large organizations.

The present data science hype is more focused only on social media data and enterprise data analytic tools are available in plenty.. however they are way too costly.

If someone just gets a trend graph from a data set, or a cloud coming out of all set of words or terms and if we assume we know Data Science, there is something missing.

Science is all about understanding the theories well and Engineering is all about using appropriate methods and tools emerging out of various science disciple in practical industrial and social problems in form of building products.

Data Scientist Skills needs a combination of statistician, management, process and programming know how to build predictive models to benefit organization.

Are we geared up at enterprise level, to execute data science projects’

I help organizations in drawing data governance road map, identifying data security elements and subsequently also chalk out an Artificial Intelligence application on those data sets. Would wish to hear experiences from whole lot of CXO/CIOs/Data Scientists / Management consultants on their approach towards such implementations.