Breaking free

when we look at big picture, the small worries look trivial and when we look at small picture, the bigger worries are forgotten.. life becomes meaningful solving small problems first and then the complex big ones… at end of day Lord wishes us to be smiling and peaceful irrespective of any type of problems. and to not get into a web of cyclic problems and if one gets into, should know the art of breaking free from that cycle.

Just a small favor

Just a small favor, spoken words in a mocking way at times can hurt the sentiments of sensitive folks.. however is this the way a leader needs to build his or her career?

A pin drop silence in a class of 100 plus budding entrepreneurs…

One entrepreneur student got up and said

”remaining cool is hallmark of a good leader.. being assertive for right reasons too.. and same time humblenss and no ego within person will help the persom come up in life’

Mike the entrepreneur coach smiles… and conveys

‘A SMALL FAVOR TO ALL.. Just remain humble and grounded.. life will soon begin changing for good”

startup birth

startup sweet is an egg which is cut open and then…

if you boil.. it becomes soft

if you put the yoke on a pan.. it is cooked.. and found to be tasty..

if it just put in milk and taken, it is good

now.. why doesnt anyone wait for the egg to be hatched fully and a chick come out..

reasons.. we are investing in that egg and want value and return on investment immediately..


a care taker decides to incubate the eggs but the eggs wonder.. why so much heat

the care taker smiles and whispers ”please realize that nothing comes so easily.. please bear the pain and pleasure in your journey to be born as a company”

Kid Abuse

One of the worst crime any person can do is to abuse kid..  a sexual abuse.. and that too by teachers..   Some times a media may be blamed for over hyping a situation but at same time, we cannot ignore the pitfalls of human psychology where in with too much of information bursting out, people are experimenting on anything and everything in name of thrill and pleasure..    It needs to stopped.. It is a fundamental duty of global citizens to create safety awareness among all your circles and educate kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens too or even at times your pet animals in whichever way to be safe and train them on self-defence strategies.