How to read a mind like a book?

Am reading an imaginary book ‘how to read a mind like a book’. The first chapter – My thoughts

The second chapter – My dreams

The third chapter – My story

The fourth chapter – My pain points

The fifth chapter – My solutions

The sixth chapter – My partners

The seventh chapter – My philosophy

The eight chapter – My lessons learnt

The night chapter – My family

The tenth chapter – My self

(Who all wish to begin writing a book along with me and read it. With over 30 plus years experience in IT, am waiting to have a cup of coffee with Sir Bill Gates. He may not be seeing this message too, but nevertheless the same now in technical way

My thoughts – abstract

My dreams – inheritence

My story – service

My painpoints – interface

My solutions – framework

My partners – tools

My philosophy – provider

My lessons Learnt – logs

My family – collections

My self – object

Thanks for all whomsoever bothered to read me like a book

Happy Book Lover’s day.

Opinion Impacts

The focus should be on development, re-development and more development. If anyone feels anguished about any decisions made by anyone else in life, the only way to reduce anguish is by leading by example. Have observed so many hate messages / jokes / image forwards on any type of incident which happens in the world. These have humor, quite funny and at times it also becomes offensive.
We should not make heroes of any incident as those incidents have multiple cascading effect globally.
Every decision which brings in prosperity to welfare of mankind needs to be supported wholeheartedly if it fits in books of law with no forceful interventions. The minute a force is applied, newtons law of each action has an even and opposite reaction unfolds.
No amount of public speaches, tweets and messages will really help if we cannot help ourselves by just focusing on our work and bother about our small little ecosystems which we need to nurture (example startup ecosystem).
Need more and more participations on my mission to focus on entrepreneurship, employment and research and anyone who wishes to start their venture, want to initiate an accelerator within their college/corporates or wish to do pure AI driven research on entrepreneurship, do revert back.
Email, phone +918390234456
skype prakash.r.sharma
Would wish to have our framework reach out globally to all parts of the world. It is a good management framework for entrepreneurship
Even if you are not interested, do share it to your next influential contact.

Mind, Heart and Body

Mind, Heart, Body

Mind ‘all of you need to be together. You too should enjoy all the rights like we’

Heart ‘no.. I don’t think our ideologies match. I may not enjoy it and will rather be alone’

Body ‘hey.. am detoriating.. why cannot mind and heart synchronize.. why such mismatch’

Mind ‘because heart it too emotional’

Heart ‘because mind is too ruthless’

Body ‘hope peace prevails’



Never ask a friend, why is he or she is a friend
Friendship just needs togetherness and not questions or answers

Happy friendship day..
Gender neutral… no more girl friend or boy friend..
have 1000s of boy friends and girl friends hence decided to remove the gender and only wish to all happy friendship day

Friends cannot be envious or jealous or fight to get more attention, so being friends is a bliss

Friendship brings in vigorous love and maybe more chemical reactions inside us to be with friends when in thick or thin.

Money Runs

Money runs

The run for valuation,

The run for profit

Engaging customers

All those pitches

Investors galore

Show me the money

Show me the painpoint

Is this a solution?

B2C or B2B

No B2G or C2G or G2C

Show me the money

Losses mount

Fund it further

Improve your value

Celebrate a success

Show me as Unicorn

Talk the hype

Hype the story

More the comments

More the likes

Show me the money

Pressures around

Penalties around

Oppositions galore

More the trouble

Show me your patience

(Startup and Entrepreneurs need to have the patience and courage to fight all types of struggles. The ambition was yours, the passion too, success too so why not accept failures and still live a longer and again revive as after all dark tunnel, light will come and even if light will not come, you can again move back from the darkness in same path till you again come back to some light, back to square one and again start afresh. Happy friendship day..

What happens if a Founder Disappears one day?

Chaos, Confusion and at end of day a desperate effort to search for the missing founder.
Someone can blame the private equity or even tax raids, however what comes across is a trait of high risk taking capacity when can go wrong.
Many founders and CEOs who disappear are not bad managers or bad CEOs, it is only that someone drives their risk appetite, increases it, enhances it or even if risk known, never puts a full stop and makes strong statements to save the CEO from blunders. It could be CFO or third party accountants or auditors or anyone. They could be the brakes to the over ambitious CEO and curb the risks. There is a thumbrule, if someone’s networth is X, safe bet risks are upto 50% of that networth, moderate risks 100% coverage, but what happens if it moves to 1000% of networth, there the trouble begins. So many individuals dabble in finance risk management tools, use AI interventions but can anyone predict that the founder will disappear one day? The sadness around the family members, the worry for all the colleagues, employees and then the self defence stance if the founder again surfaces back. Very important for any country government to understand risk nuances the right way. No use of any AI tool then

Trust vote

A group of MLA’s rush push to the picnic spot…

MLA Jenny ‘hey there you folks are.. and over there our ministry is going for toss’

MLA Jose ‘we will not give him any vote.. He just doesn’t allow us to eat properly’

MLA Nosey ‘this is seriously bad.. He has to poke in all matters.. else how will he manage’

Jose ‘Nosey.. we know you are his spokesman.. now let us enjoy’

Nosey ‘not fair..’

Jose ‘you want to join us?’

Nosey ‘will call him too here’

Jose ‘whom’

Nosey ‘our minister Brat’

Jose ‘Hey we are going to give votes to Nabo’

Nosey ‘this is seriously bad’

After few hours Brat joins the picnic

Brat ‘relax all.. am voluntarily retiring for few years’

All look taken aback

Nabo ‘enjoy guys.. I am your new minister’

2 hours back

Brat ‘Nabo… for 5, just asking US$10Million.. a fair deal’

Nabo ‘you are a crook’

Brat ‘you want power.. I want money power’