Influence and Stories

Thoughts of the day

Influence is a belief built on trust and consistent performance.


Some stories never end but rather gives indications of another story. Education, Unemployment, Employment, Relationship and Entrepreneurship have strong potential to help you write your own chapters of life.

Some love fooling

Jam ‘I am going to get you at any cost… you are mine’

Sherry ‘hey you are 10 years younger to me.. do not think this way’

Jam hugs Sherry

Sherry is happy internally.. She just had a break from a bad relation few years back and is longing for a friend’

2 months later

Jam ‘it is all finished’

Sherry ‘what? I helped you in your business,I got into an emotional entanglement with you and assumed you would be the one for life with me’

Jam ‘didn’t you see my track record of 7-8 bad relation earlier’

Sherry is silent

Jam ‘the problem with girl’s are that they look for beautiful hunks like me who are all grey then straight hearted clean individuals and vice versa at times handsome guy’s like me assume and know when to exit of relation’

Before Sherry can react.. Jam has posted in facebook ‘All over with Sherry. Open to Mingle all over again’


Soft touch Hard touch

Soft touch ‘people feel so good with just a soft touch’

Hard touch ‘relax.. the world needs stress busters and whenever we see someone angrily hitting at keyboard.. wow.. I feel so good..¬† the keyboard will be replaced with new one soon’

Soft touch ‘so destructive’

Hard touch ‘don’t compel me to make hitting hard a habit. imagine if all start using hard touch on mobile… can you imagine the chaos’

Robin ‘welcome to the new mobile set..

hard touch doesn’t defeat me

HTST brand for you..