Do I owe you anything?

Sam is a happy go lucky guy.. full in love with his parents aged 65 and 70 respectively..

One day father Rahul gets a heart attack and he is gone for ever leaving behing Sam and his mom..

Sam is 25, and as his mom struggled to have kid.. it was after near 2 decade, he came on earth with god’s grace..

Needless to say Radha , his mom loves Sam tremendously..

Sam.. is Shyam.. who has moved over to USA and has removed HY to make the name more familiar..

One day Sam gets a frantic call from his mom

Radha ”Sam.. you have never told me, that you removed me from the bank account joint holder ? the bank refused to give me even money..  ”

Sam ”Mom.. relax.. my girl friend Somya felt.. better to have control right away rather then getting into settling all that.. ”

Radha ”smart girl.. so she is ensuring no complexity comes when am dead”

Sam ”nothing like that mom”

Radha “how should I fend then?”

Sam ‘See I will try to send US$100 per month.. it will be in my common friend”s account and he will give you in cash”

Radha remembers the struggle to have Sam reach earth..

Radha ‘seriously.. a name I thought would make you be like the most beloved Lord and I regret naming you Shyam too”

Sam ”hey relax mom..  why are you so worried. am there to look after you”

Radha ”how is your startup doing?”

Sam ”excellent Mom.. just raised US$2M”

Radha ”Am happy.  ”

Sam ”am still your kid mom.. just understand why am doing so.. just to ensure no complexities come in account handling”

Radha ”Do I owe you anything further?”

Sam is silent..

The phone is disconnected.

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction.. no relevance, coincidence with dead or alive and not intended to hurt any religious or any sentiments..  It is just a trend observed where kids are not taking care of their elders..  not sure why? but it is really sadenning to see elders wiping away their entire funds to groom kids, train and educate them and subsequently only to land themselves in mess..

wake up call for all elders to be careful and ensure everything is in your hand till you live and keep loving your kids all the way.. do not go overboard in emotions and repent later”

For youngsters : look at all the years of your life.. Friendship day also means being friends with your parents. I am sure all are friends.. if not, tomorrow is another opportunity for you

Happy friendship day


Tim ”congratulations for your new job”

Jenny “dear.. I got selected in morning, got news of wrong fit at noon and by evening..I was informed not suitable”

Tim “wish you all the best for your new job”

Jenny “common.. do not irritate me?”

Tim “congratulations on feeling irritated”

Jenny “Why so?”

Tim “because I got the same job last week”

Jenny “why so?”

Tim “I do got chucked out within a day”

Jenny “is their recruitment team crazy”

Tim “they are a large HR company so need to train their trainees employment induction.. so to demonstrate that process to them, they conduct real employment scenarios”

Jenny ‘Interesting.. hey 1 min.. an amount got transfered into my account’

Tim ”yes you have been paid US$200 by them as you contributed to the trainee learning process.. congratulations to earn 200$ for a day”

Jenny ‘Absolute strange ways of life… never realized virtual reality shows exist in corporate work culture too”


Human Spirit

The spirit in me says PUSH SELF till you create a space for SELF.

The spirit in me says CREATE A SPACE to accomodate others to take small step towards Building FOUNDATION.

The spirit in me says ”Balancing act is all about remaining grounded even if you are not touching the ground in literal sense. ”

The spirit in me says ‘BE VARY OF BUBBLE GUMS which can build a good BALOON only to break sooner or later.. or get stuck to something unnecessarily..  so do not have a STICKY BALOON OF EGO, GREED, MALICE AND SELFISHNESS as that will some day or other make you get stuck to a mindless pursuit of acquiring and you will soon loose the sense of GIVING.

The spirit in me says BE A SPORTSMAN and accept failures. Success will again be yours through hardwork and determination.

PASSION is all about celebrating the HUMAN SPIRIT of patience and endurance which many had to fight for a cause.. so what if the cause is just a STARTUP?

STARTUP is all about researching and pivoting your idea to arrive at right business model and building traction around it to move it to next level.

Entrepreneur – theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. Chose to become one.

Soon endless camera captures, interviews.. the individual was a celebrity.

One day he meets Jackson the leading Entrepreneur Expert in one of the events.

Jackson ”cool James.. a celebrity indeed”

James ”I am an entrepreneur”

Jackson burst out laughing

Jackson ”Common James.. do not confuse your achievement to becoming an entrepreneur… how many of your movies did you experiment with? did it succeed?’

Jack ”no.. all failed”

Jackson ”experimentation focuses are startup culture. Till you evolve a business model.. so it is a myth when someone says he or she is entrepreneur after successfully running a business for ages.. they were an entrepreneur in initial stages.. so you are no longer an entrepreneur till you decide to do something new”

Jack ”my next dream is to act in a hindi movie”

Jackson ”great… pursue it like an entrepreneur”

Jack ”should all entrepreneurs think of becoming famous and successful or known as big business men”

Jackson ”absolutely all should think.. but focus on craft and art, do not focus on your exterior goals.. hawn the skills which will pay you better.. no point in you learning chemistry if you are not going to use it.. learn acting.. hope you are getting what I mean to say”

Jack hugs Jackson and whispers ”Dance like there is no tomorrow.. are you any relative of Michael Jackson”

Jackson ”common.. all mistake me.. see the brand he created.. However I cannot change my name.. so am lost in his identity.. but if you see my linkedin ID, I too have 2000 followers”

Jack ”what is dream theory?”

Jackson “believe you will do it.. but do not go overboard assuming you will just get there.. you have to work hard or easier way, spend money to get there soon.. but purpose should exist, or just 1 minute fame and you loose million bucks.. do not overspend on promoting self if you really didn”t have a good product or service quality in you or your brand”

art of selling

samuel ”if ever I knew i could sell.. why would i need a salesman’

fred ‘dear.. the fact is you are selling your company vision mission to hire best of breed”

samuel ‘is it so?’

fred ‘all of us are sales men here waiting to sell our best piece soon”

samuel ‘what is then the art of selling?”

fred ”just present self honestly and ernestly to keep all informed you too exist”



Each industry has its own set of issues and even many countries come across situation where a family member preferred to be a successor.

Joy is an analyst trying to understand deep rooted causes of Nepotism and meets an industrialist in US

Joy ”so will your son take over the business”

The industrialist bursts out laughing ”common.. the whole empire built for him only.. but I just informed my son one lesson of life

Follow your passion and you will be happy in what you will achieve”

Joy ”Don’t you feel he may loose out or your company will crash?”

Industrialist ”process and professionals they will take care of it.. we should not worry much about what happens to an company.. each company has a cycle time.. some span 100 years, some span even 200 years.. so all depends on enthusiasm of our descendants’

Joy gets a call from his fiance

Fiance Sarah ‘lost out to Saira.. you know she is daughter of politician’

Joy ‘common.. you should be kidding.. Saira is extremely talented girl. I know her..  some weakness you may need to overcome”

Sarah begins crying..

Joy ”common… cheerup.. I will come to Europe.. just in few days.. will explain you everything’

Just after a day Joy gets a message ‘Sarah is no more.. she has committed suicide’

Joy is shocked..

Joy returns back to the Industrialist..

Joy ”Sir.. will tell you a tragedy around me..” and explains Sarah’s death

Industrialist ”extremely sad to hear.. in this cause she just got carried away.. could not cope up with failure.. each industry will give preference to their know circles.. for ones who talk about Nepotism.. you tell me even a dairy milk man will prefer his son to carry on busines… what is wrong in it.. however rather then thinking about it.. we focus on our goals,, our life… and move ahead.. no point in going to such extreme ends”

Joy is sitting in a tea shop when he see’s a group of kids with some teachers coming to shop to grab tea..

Teacher smiles at Joy

Joy ”Sir.. do you enjoy teaching?”

Teacher ”if you ask me.. no genes guarantee success of previous predecessor work.. my father was an actor and I ended up liking teaching..  maybe acting is in genes.. I do not know.. but I can tell you.. I only tell my students one thing”

Joy ”what?”

Teacher ”be focused and study well.. Study to understand does and don’ts of life and never feel you lost opportunity because of favoritism. It is because you had some shortcomings too.. and if you are really talented.. no one can every stop you from going and creating mark in any part of the world.”

Joy smiles…

Teacher ‘why you smile so much?”

Joy ”my name..Joy.. so have to smile.. am just kidding.. I was actually lost in my world of Nepotism theories till you enlightened me.. to look outward towards the space where there are still so much left that any one can reach and make a mark there.. if we attempt to do so”

Teacher ”absolutely yes”

Joy suddenly see’s his favorite star aged 69 walking towards them

Joy ”hey.. I had such a big desire to meet him.. never knew he would come so near”

Teacher laughs ”hey he is my stupid father..  he still thinks I can do well in acting but”

Actor Robinson ”but my son.. is plain stupid to be a teacher.. however i have started enjoying that..”

Joy ‘what you say about Nepotism’

Robinson ”see as success stoies we can give huge network to our kids however beyond that.. they have to learn to compete and carve a niche of their own..  our industry always accepts any type of talent.. same holds true in any sector or even politics.. just play to gallery that is it”

Joy ”what??”

Robinson ”dear.. I said anyone who plays to gallery can lead a path to success”

Joy ”are you sure”

Robinson ”you wish to lay a bet..  everything which is played to gallery, reaches media.. becomes news item.. icons get emerged.. so hope you know what am talking of”

Joy ”Marketing and projecting self for whatsoever career aimed at in right way with sincerity, hardwork is steps to success”

Robinson ”you got it right”