Rajguru had a strange habit of abusing any person always

Dog, Lame, Idiot etc

One day Shiny came in his life. Shiny was a smart English graduate with proficiency in multiple languages.

Shiny ‘Raj.. why don’t you compile a dictionary of bad abuses’

Raj ‘Are you idiot of first order?’

Shiny ‘precisely.. you love to abuse so much.. Let us make this dictionary.. a starup.. the world wants to know the choicest of abuses to be given to folks.. we can categorize the words to make it look good and also have voice records put in you tube’

Raj ‘are you mad.. serious dumb asshole’

Shiny ‘wow.. so much of filth in mouth.. proceed and let us unite and make millions’

Raj bursts laughing…

Raj ‘you are real weird bimbo’

miney story

Mini ”why did it happen to me?”

Mom “dear child.. not sure why.. but maybe god wants you to emerge more powerful and stronger”

Mini ”promise you will seek justice from court”

Mom hugs Mini

Mom ”Mini… it is absolute unfortunate such court orders take lot of time”

Mini “I want to ask 1 question to the Judge… if it would happen with his daugher.. what decision he would give?”

Mom “Gang rape is a social problem..  justice needs to be given in just 1 week. It should be death sentence only”

Mini hugs Mom and has tears in her eyes


Kid Abuse

One of the worst crime any person can do is to abuse kid..  a sexual abuse.. and that too by teachers..   Some times a media may be blamed for over hyping a situation but at same time, we cannot ignore the pitfalls of human psychology where in with too much of information bursting out, people are experimenting on anything and everything in name of thrill and pleasure..    It needs to stopped.. It is a fundamental duty of global citizens to create safety awareness among all your circles and educate kids, teenagers, adults, senior citizens too or even at times your pet animals in whichever way to be safe and train them on self-defence strategies.


Failed Entity

Failure is a stepping stone to success.

One individual’s failure will give an opportunity to other individual for success.

Sarah kept a close tab on failed entities and observed that maturity level of failed entities were on higher side compared to successful entities.

and the ones who were successful and had failed more then one time had much better empathy towards other failed entities.

Sarah looks at sky and whispers

“Mom.. you left me when I was just kid.. upbringing in orphanage, abused multiple times.. shaken a bit, confident of life.. I realize cribbing over past is not a solution.. I decided to protect others from getting abused.. and got into serious research on failed entities at human level and corporate level and found an interesting struggle..

There is a struggle at all layers of Maslow’s hierarchy need and we human have to win each layer to reach to enlightenment.. You just cannot reach there in one go’





Shared Assets and Service

Rose never asked why people touched her, hurt her,. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to be fresh and hope all realized that

Lily never asked why people wanted to seek massage from her.. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to change her business one day.

Why do some businesses looked down upon? It is because they tend to harm health.

Any business which can damage one’s health is bad business

Any business which can damage one’s health is the most successful business

Anything in excess hurts many..

Shared Assets and Services.. not sure how many get hurt everyday.. sometime physically, sometime emotionally, sometime brutally..

Dear All Rose is not a Prostitute, nor is Lily a Massage Owner

Rose is the touch button display and Lily the wearable internet of thing watch’

Philip ‘Don’t joke.. Rose is indeed a prostitute and Lily a Massage Expert’

Pop ‘Do you really care.. for human or for assets..’

All in the class silent.. at Bangkok University

Pop ‘We abuse assets.. same way they too human.. we should respect them.. and make them motivated to be happy’

A student asks ‘how?’

Pop ‘For 2 months let them do some new business.. just let them relax’

Student ‘this is strange.. you even discuss their business in this class of entrepreneurship?’

Pop ‘Servers, Hard Disk, Floppy.. all get de fragmented.. same way human.. not only Rose, Lily.. but all.. hence it is important for folks to meditate, bring their soul to singular form and then begin working afresh’

Pop ‘love your body and mind and heart and relax first.. stop thinking of fiction like Rose and Lily.. you are a rose and lily too so take care of your health’



Mary didn’t have anyone with her.. She was being exploited by her friends, her husband and all would rip of her money at slightest opportunities. One day she was seeing the birds happily chirping early morning and dog happily waging tail

Why animals not governed by policies.. who prepares governance for them?

She came of the zoo and returned back home to pen a policy framework





So hip hip hurray

No more emotional dramas around me – i refuse to see them

No more crib stories around ,me.. I refuse to hear them

No more angry stares on me.. I refuse to abuse or even talk to you

Mary looks at Sir Gandhi’s photo and asks ‘Why you thought about those 3 monkey’s’

Gandhi’s smile conveys ‘Don’t worry of source.. Learn from what you see and observe’

The Big Ticket

Susan is a struggling researcher who is frustrated that her research never has the depth. A born Anthropologist, she loves to study human behaviors ever since she was a child..

As a child she would observe her father hitting her mother for small small things.. She would sometimes hold his hand too…

She had one question to him


and the answer she got was a SLAP on the face..

As a teenager she observed how her friends had begun sending love letters to their boy friends or vice versa.. she caught hold of Trisha and asked her a question  ‘HOPE YOUR BOY FRIEND DOESN’T TROUBLE YOU AND KISS YOU FORCEFULLY’

Pat came a big pinch on her bum..by her friend.. Trisha

Trisha ‘Don’t ask stupid questions..’

Susan ‘Am just checking if you are not a child abuse victim’

Trisha ‘Are you nuts.. you keep studying those every day trending news.. Don’t get hyper over such items’

Susan ‘Is it so?’

Trisha ‘you are a teenager.. enjoy life.. have boy friends’

3 years later Susan finds Ayub to be very charming.. too cute.. She gets a massive crush on him…

and then as her habit, she asks him a question ‘Why your name Ayub? Not sure if my family accepts you as my husband?’

Ayub is shocked, surprised and amused

Ayub ‘What?? Hey we are only friends.. No melodrama please’

Susan has drops of tears..

Susan ‘I just asked you a true honest question?’

Ayub ‘I have long way to go.. I have no love feelings for you’

2 years later she is struggling researcher wanting to understand causes and symptoms of her problem first and then others.. She is now Masters in Anthropology too

She see’s a seminar ‘BIG TICKET TO NASA SPACE COMPETITION.. All who can develop robots who can understand behavior trends of nature welcome’

Susan retrospects ‘For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.. May be her actions were such that it had to be rebuked.. so she writes an abstract

‘want to explore the stars and planets in galaxy through satellite images and keep mapping their trends.. and check how separations and unions take place ‘

Her mother smiles at her abstract and says ‘ It is your big ticket to fame’