ASAP – as soon as possible you find any appropriate person who can fit our requirement, please keep us informed.

Recruiters are aggressively identifying a co-founder.

The co founder ditched the startup at last mine.. James is totally perplexed. Demo day round the corner.. and this happened.

Ray felt James was giving him lesser equity so decided to exit..

Few months back..

Ray ‘James.. we will ensure this product rocks the world’

James ‘Yes.. but do not ditch me’

Ray ‘how can I.. I am so passionate about it’

A few days earlier

Ray ‘James.. is my contribution worth only 5%’

James ‘Employee ESOP 12%.. cannot be more then that’

Ray ‘common.. it is my logic, my algorithm.. everything mine.. ‘

James ‘let us not argue Ray.. I do not take salaries.. but I always give you salaries too regularly’

and today

James ‘not sure Bob.. should i have given him more equity and retained him’

Bob ‘ life always remember if there is a situation where you feel you need a replacement ASAP, it is important that you try to retain that… rather then separating’

James has a drop of tear in his eyes..

James ‘my wife.. Sarah.. I left her and realized I needed to get another beloved soon, then Ana.. then Neita and so on.. but still miss Sarah.. some humans cannot be replaced ASAP’


Stubborn Entrepreneur Algorithm

Rob is just not able to adjust with his fellow employees. Adamant on his approach to technology.. he feels his routing algorithm is great… His colleague Joy is fed up.. his team members fed up…

Rob ‘please do as I said.. am not going to bargain.. the algorithm needs to solve the nearest neighbor hood problem’

Joy ‘how many neighbors you ever met in your life? do you feel all will interact with you.. this is a meaningless technique’

Rob is shocked

Rob ‘what… are you debating on a technique used so widely by so many folks in world’

Joy ‘common dear…  why is Philedelpia more evolved then NJ.. why will one person want to even stop at NJ, if no business exists?’

Rob ‘do not confuse me.. ok..   you need to know the value nearest neighbor gets into table’

Joy ‘please add more parameters and then evolve that algorithm.. am fed up with your one dimensional thinking’

Rob ‘you want to leave?’

Joy ‘just because all of us are stuck… am not leaving.. vesting period’

Rob ‘then do as I said’

Joy  ‘The nearest neighbour algorithm was one of the first algorithm used to determine a solution to the traveling sales man problem In it, the salesman starts at a random city and repeatedly visits the nearest city until all have been visited. It quickly yields a short tour, but usually not the optimal one.

Rob ‘common do not tell me theories now’

Joy ‘unfortunately we do not wish to understand distance of relation.. how close you are to your wife? how close you are to me? how close you are to investor? how close you are to reality of life? how you solve your own nearest neighbor algorithm?’

Rob is silent…

Rob ‘agreed have a broken heart.. agreed I fight with you.. agreed I feel Investor needs to be given value… but…’

Joy ‘hence I said dear.. nearest neighbor algorithm needs multi dimensions embedded for meaningful results.. all these data scientists really understand only data.. but science behind it.. needs human inferences.. so finally human alone decides what is right or what is wrong.. our soul similarly.. so the nearest neighbor to you is your soul… always begin from there.. then heart.. then mind.. then everything.. but when new characters come in your life.. the same heart and mind gets confused with too many links… so stay focused dear..  our job is to remove excessive links

so days of UN LINKING will come too shortly. Your happiness lies in what is nearest but what we always try to do is reach to farthest by grabbing all nearest points and use them, trample them and reach to farthest… A greedy algorithm’






Service Woes

Rose is a Service Manager who loves to address customer complaints and is researching on Service Woes

She comes across a group of researcher’s working on operation research..

Rose ‘Shortest distance of travel saves huge money to anyone who is commuting.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘Loading problems too exist…’

Rose ‘Am working on an algorithm for providing shortest distance of approaching influential people through semantic analysis’

Researcher 2  ‘Why?’

Rose ‘Most of service resolution happens through right service design but unfortunately the key stake holder is never aware of the problems in first place’

Researcher 3 ‘Example?’

Rose ‘Assume you research so many things.. and even few get proven.. who finally decides which research to be implemented? ‘

Researcher 4 ‘Committee’

Rose ‘Precisely.. I am creating an analytic around email approvals.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘My head is reeling.. does it mean to get approvals, we need to check shortest route’

Rose ‘yes.. Service woes multiply only if stakeholders are not aware of the service woes in first place’

Researcher 2 ‘Example?’

Rose  ‘Check the UK Metro trains.. Jam packed.. As good as Mumbai Locals.. Check the trains in Jersey city.. On weekends the maintenance causes down time.. to reach particular destination it may take 40-50 minutes.. ‘

Rose ‘The commuting travel woes are never notified to stake holders..So is it not right if some algorithm emerges to check on train loads and track that and on basis of which increase or decrease frequency of trains.. same applicable for buses too’

Researcher 1 ‘excellent idea.. load balancing for mitigating service woes’

Rose ‘So let’s get going’

4 months later, Rose pilots with her friend in Singapore and finds the loads too heavy…

Rose ‘It is dangerous.. No vehicles allowed in roads and train loads optimum.. What next’

Researcher 2 ‘May be they need to plan more train routes. redundant routes.. and…  hey why we thinking so much’

Rose ‘Problem Solving is all about long term solution.. No short cuts.. No short term solutions.. If you wish to make impact’

TTO mishap

Quality is doing what you say and saying what you do..

Gene was a Process Expert and always believed in saying what he does and doing what he says but alas one day it backfired..

Gene ‘Please ensure the algorithm is patented’

Ron ‘Sure Gene, I need the entire algorithm documented and evidence of it being original’

Gene ‘Did you ever check on the whole documents. Have already submitted everything’

4 weeks latter

Ron ‘Application is rejected as someone has already applied for patent’

Gene is shocked.. Ron has been a good Technology Transfer Officer and he can never image this has happened

He begins interacting with Ron

Ron then highlights the issue that at times an Asian Country registration and Western Country registration may happen simultaneously

Gene ‘But don’t you feel someone has copied our patent and it is as good as stolen’

Ron ‘Legally we can challenge them’

Gene ‘One lesson I learnt – we will need to allow joint ownership if we avail our Asian Counterparts for such research. Better to be transparent in equities rather then facing such consequences’

Ron ‘Agreed’