Blog writing

I have paused a bit, to think a bit, to see how am getting responses for my 50 words max thoughts in whatsapp,  I found that I slowly began getting 100 views almost every day..


what I write :


Innovation freedom is only possible in Entrepreneurship…

Relations cannot be defined by words, but the flow of communication between 2 Actors. Hence it is relative.

Time discipline reflects key to various aspects of personality..

I guess, I will again into story telling, which is where I fit in, a fiction writer, no connections with dead or alive, no biographies, but some aspects of life captured through writing



Love Soul

Life is a journey where body undergoes transformation. Soul  in us is ageless, a supreme power to guide, motivate and influence you. So if someone loves your soul and guides you, be blessed.

Angels are meant to bless individuals and move them ahead in life.  All angel investors here hopefully love the soul of the startups in which they invest, and keep the body alive for meaningful work to build strong foundation companies.


Homeless – MyNukkad

This is story of Hari who lives in a Delhi Square..

Life for him is all fine till one day he is asked to not sleep in the garden adjacent to the square

Police ‘just move out.. this is public garden.. you cannot sleep here at night time’

Hari ‘I just slink and sleep.. It is almost one year’

Police ‘Don’t.. ‘

Hari ‘150000 sleep on roads here’

Police ‘What can i do dear, i am doing my job.. am not here to provide you shelter’

Hari ‘ok lock me up.. i will get sleep in Jail’

Police ‘this is how you are.. petty nuisance

Hari ‘I will put this problem in My Nukkad..’

Police ‘What is that?’

Hari ‘Need solution for this problem.. It should be government’s interest to see how rag pickers, cheap labors lead life’

Police ‘what you want me to do? reach to Prime Minister and inform him to look into this matter’

Hari ‘Why not… and do you know I am single, but so many kids, so many girls abused.. it is bad.. real bad’

Police ‘Ok.. in best interest of all of you let me see what best can be done’

Hari ‘the people’s immune system gets weak.. absolute disaster’

a few months latter

Hari ‘Sir.. i am no longer shelter less’

Police ‘wow.. what you did in these 3 months’

Hari ‘I have taken a small room and accommodate 3 friends’

Police ‘how?’

Hari ‘My Nukkad.. it helped me identify a small time investor and started a Noodle road side restaurant near college. I know cooking well’

Police ‘can they solve shelterless problem too?’

Hari ‘It suggests a proper census undertaken and then.. a mass settlement 50 kms from the place in a jungle’

Police begins laughing

Hari ‘150000 people, each person has 100sqft for self = 15000000..  150 acres of land….’

Police ‘who will give it?’

Hari ‘Imagine 150000 resources at that individual’s disposal to make smart home concept rather then smart city, smart village concept’

Police ponders

Police ‘yes.. to to come to think of it.. it is on of the biggest settlement and by logic/ force all these construction houses / leaders will be forced to work there’

Hari ‘and the owner of that land becomes an over night hero’

Police ‘what type?’

Hari ‘Nukkad hero’

Hari ‘Nukkad is a square, a joint between roads..  All homeless are at cross roads’


As PASSION FRAMEWORK gets serious on its mission to promote social entrepreneurship, this piece of writing is a society solution – a fiction.. No relevance to dead or alive.  Society problems are huge, we need to tackle it and it is only we who can disrupt the thought process’