Saraswati toils her day making Idli’s and selling it in various locations of Chennai.. at 10cents  for 2 Idli’s.   One day..

Rick ”isn’t it weird.. everywhere I see these white puffed food and people eating it.. Let’s have one’

He stops at a stall ‘give me IDALY’

Rick’s friend Ramu begins laughing.. Not IDALY.. It is IDLI

Rick gobbles two. for Rs6 and finds it amazing..

Rick ‘who is the owner of this’

The stall person informs ”Saraswati”

Rick ‘wow.. I will want to have this in US”

Saraswati informs in Tamil ”it will not sell there.. who will make the dough.. who will make the puffed rice.. cookers are not in vogue in US”

Ramu translates to Rick

Rick ”no worries.. we will make Idli packs and send it as breakfast.. but I want you there”

Saraswati ”how is it possible.. visa etc”

Ramu ”do not worry Sir, many South Indians  out there in US. we will start one”

3 months latter

Rick ”what a business. it is selling hot in Jersey City, NY and never knew i would make a business out of IDLI”

Ramu on skype ‘Saraswati wants to open more franchise.. will you invest?”

Rick ”of course.. Idli is one of my favourite dish now on.. pack up time for fat PIZZA’s’


Jolly New Year Eve

Loads of crackers, Loads of Instruments.. Jack is planning to hold a great road show where he will be showcasing a host of talented youngsters..
A belly dancer, A ramp show, A message driven small kit, Some soft music and above all Miss Katrina for you…
Who is she? The popular actress or Is it some one different..
She is a 8 year kid who was named Katrina after the hurricane which had come to Houston..

Now Katrina is an ace dancer who can dance western and traditional European, Mexico and Chinese dance style and also can dance Bharat Natyam (Indian dance).

What is her story? How she arrived here?
As a child she never knew that she was in those bumpy streets of Austin trying to save her mother.. oops Her mother driving in pregnancy to Austin to save self from the hurricane. Bumper to Bumper.. somehow she reached her aunty’s house only to find herself getting labor pain and next Katrina is born..
Katrina never realizes that she was born on the hurricane day… and even her mom is frightened of the night mare and wonders is Katrina lucky for her?

Katrina brings in another disaster to her mom where she looses the job because she over stays in Austin and now Mother Jenny is fully assured Katrina means Disaster.

Katrina is handed over to a Church at an age of 3 and her mom does meet her reluctantly fearing what if another disaster strikes..

Katrina begins watching TV almost an addict and keeps watching various dance forms.. Soon she entices her school mates with her dance moves

Katrina shakes her back and moves to her teach Sandra

Sandra ‘Amazing.. I loose my concentration when I teach.. Don’t do it..’

Katrina ‘Am an entertainer?’

Sandra ‘of course you are’

All students keep clapping at her tap dance moves

Jack is Sandra’s brother who is a road show king who visits Sandra at Austin

Sandra ‘It is Christmas time and I want to introduce you to a celebrity in making..Katrina’

Jack ‘The popular Indian Actress?’

Sandra ‘No.. She is Katrina.. named after the hurricane which stormed ‘

Jack see’s a slim girl dancing like a rock star entering..

Katrina ‘Hey Jack.. cool to see you’

Sandra ‘She speaks her mind out.. She is entertaining’

Katrina breaks in Japanese greeting and then shows a Bharat Natyam style movement’

Jack ‘Amazing’

At eve of new year, it is chilly and Katrina is rehearsing rigorously’

Jack ‘Hey .. take rest child’

Katrina ‘Do you feel am a disaster?’

Jack ‘No dear…’

Katrina ‘My mom feels am unlucky to her.. hence i work hard to ensure you get luck because of me.. I do this for not only you but all around.. I just wish to get rid of that stigma DISASTER’

Jack ‘You are my Jolly… Jolly new year eve.. Welcome board and continue your studies and am grooming you to have your own dance school.. Wish to see you an entrepreneur at a small age’

Katrina dances and shakes hand with Jack ‘Cool… Jolly sounds Cool.. Real Cool’