4th World

A world of dominating the world through cyber… so what it data privacy stringency imposed by many countries.

The world is all about who posts most in a site, who gets most likes, who gets trolled and so on.

The game of monitoring and game of analysis…  the 4th world also has a penchant to file suites…  with lawyers getting into bandwagon to catch the super powers of 4th world. Who emerges top notch super power..

An in depth analysis of this world will really reveal who will become super power soon



A ‘for sentiment values I never reject gift’

B ‘for sentiment reasons, I still retain him at work’

C ‘for sentiment understanding, I need to probe at what is important to you’

A and B ‘how?’

C ‘want to understand which web site you browse most, which actors you love.. and an auto favourite pop up coming’

A and B ‘wow’

C ‘developing this component now.. participating in Idea competition’

A and B ‘we will use this’

C ‘getting back to PASSION FRAMEWORK. loads of things to do’


Human Ware House

Ria is a human resource Manager.. She has decided not to marry looking at the family dramas which would happen day in and day out between her parents..

Her subordinate Joseph one day knocks at her door

Joseph ‘Ria, can i come in?’

Ria ‘Sure’

Joseph ‘I plan to leave.. Am stagnated doing the same payroll and some staff welfare stuff.. Am coming up with a concept and want to start something on own’

Ria ‘What you wish to start?’

Joseph ‘Human Ware house..  Our brains store all type of memories, Our heart stores all type of emotions. so am going to do analytic on type of blogs penned in Word Press’

Ria ‘Why Word Press. You can choose any other blog too’

Joseph ‘Am building a framework’

Ria ‘Wow… I can invest in same.. ‘

Joseph ‘Ria i heard you hate men’

Ria is silent

Joseph ‘Have seen you aloof and never interact with men comfortably’

Ria smiles

Ria ‘Am interacting with you’

Joseph ‘Cup of coffee.. can we? a good sea restaurant’

Ria pauses..

Joseph ‘It will be a secret meeting.. I promise I will not tell any other people’

Ria smiles

Evening time Joseph and Ria are in a far away beach.

Ria ‘I love the sea waves..’

Joseph ‘I was reading Filipino Special blog.. and analyzed the data and here is the report’

Ria is shocked.. A full visual report of emotional insights of the blog’

Ria ‘How you did that?’

Joseph ‘This blog writer is a lonely person.. Is confused with life.. She needs loads of love and awaits right companion. I can see the pain in her writing.. Specially the write up..where she longs for a companion in evening… all alone and sings a song

Loneliness is a pain

A pain in my heart

Heart feels the pain

Brain feels the pangs

I watch the lone bird

flying up in air

how is it happy all alone

never saw two birds holding

hands flying together

if they can manage it all alone

Why human cannot

Why i need a companion

A loving companion for self

A human ware house

full of emotions and memories

How I wish someone would

explain me how to get

companion.. I await

i await love all the way’

Ria stops him from saying further

Joseph ‘Ria.. do you wish to lead life like this all the way’

Ria ‘Am scared.. i don’t like quarrels’

Joseph holds Ria’s hand

Joseph ‘Ria.. i want to explore your heart and mind.. a loving ware house full of compassion and passion.. Each section of heart I wish to explore.. I read your writings.. I feel you too are expressive.. Just come out of your state’

Ria hugs Joseph and bursts crying

Joseph ‘Human Ware house.. if it gets full.. It explodes as tears or anger or frustration or revenge or hate or love.. So don’t over load your heart and mind’

Ria hugs Joseph tightly and whispers ‘Please never leave me’

Joseph ‘Yes dear but at least accept my resignation letter’

Ria smiles ‘So you are getting free from me being your boss.. ‘

Joseph ‘You will be my boss at home MAM’

My Dear Friend

“My Dear Friend, should i address you as this or should i address you as Dearest or may be only your name?”  Somy had developed feelings for Zhang and being in China, she didn’t know how she could demonstrate her feelings for him.

Somy was a research student working on innovations to transplant a memory card inside human body which will track day to day rhythm, feelings, of a human towards people whom the human interacts in day and at the end of the day or week or month, an analytic report can be seen on computer. Obviously it means a continuous wear and tear of the slot? In case that is not possible, may be a card chipped in bracelet and….

Somy suddenly realizes she is lost in her research and forgotten that she is attempting her first love letter..

“Dear Zhang

I never knew it would be so beautiful, just feeling your warmth and care, my day was made when i was just expecting you to be with me just near me during the lunch and there you were smiling, lovingly interacting with me. I didn’t like the woman sitting next to you. She does look beautiful but who is she? I hope she is not your wife? I didn’t wish to ask that question as i was not sure..

Can i address you dearest? or Lovable? or Baby?  

My writing gets haywire so only using computer to type this letter. Can it be qualified to be a love letter? Why did my heart beat that day? No clue?  I know you are a sensor manufacturer. Can we get a small sensor which can sense such beats. It can be used in my research and we make business too

Am ending my letter with lots of love and hugs and kisses to you dearest Zhang”

Somy clicked the Send Button and was delighted by her courage..

She felt if research cannot be experienced, it is of no use..

Prompt came the reply

“Hello Somy, I cannot call you dear or dearest as you are still unknown to me. The girl besides me is my business partner and I have been living with her for nearly 5 years.  I accepted this letter and as such no sensor still available, may be you should build that too. I suggest you to focus on your research and control your heart beats”

Somy got crest fallen, she never expected such unromantic letter. Her beats feeble, she avoided her lunch 

She was shaken up.. 

She soon slept on her chair with heads over table

As she woke up, she found another message from Zhang

Zhang “Dearest Somy, i am sure your heart beat is low, you are restless, you feel the world has ended, so i don’t want to disappoint you any longer. The girl besides me had also been in the workshop, She just wanted to know more about my venture. I am single, happy to mingle and i did like your personality then. You wished to address me dearest, i felt i should reciprocate.

Interesting topic. Let us partner and begin analyzing love / hate symptoms of individuals.

Loads and Loads of Love, Kisses and Hugs”

Somy shrieked loudly “Am in Love, Am in Love. Surely this is love letter.. Is it?”

she decides to show to her friend

Her friend “Dear Somy, if it is a love letter, why you show me? don’t you believe in your future beloved?”

Somy agrees and thinks “We researchers never believe the truth, we think truth is something else and loose our moments of truth”

Retrospecting Questions

Question to all

1) When did you last smile?

2) When did you last slept peacefully?

3) When did you stop worrying about your body shape and ate to hearts content?

4) When did you last laughed whole heartedly?

5) When did you last met your best friend?

If you score > 60 days lag period  recommendations – Am there for you as friend and please smile back immediately

If you score > 30 days lag period  recommendations – Am still your friend and others too are dear to you, please reduce the lag period

If you score > 15 days lag period recommendations –  Do have a very nice weekend and laugh whole heartedly thinking of the new advertisement where a baby is born and cuts its own chord and then seeks a mobile and searches using google as symbol to celebrate internet era.

Life is all about RETROSPECTS too which we need to do at specific milestones and learn from them and move ahead.