PINK SLIP secrets



IT professionals have been working for many years, toiling sweat all over for overseas work with a hope they get good remuneration. The MNCs too were happy with the cost factor and it was a win-win situation.

However this led to unemployment struggles in oversea pockets leading to lay off trends where weak resources are removed, lethargic resources shuffled with a hope they perform and subsequently all know that the day is not far when they will get sacked.

What happens to the individuals uncertain about their career?

Following options

  1. invest some fraction of your saving in a startup
  2. try to explore being cofounder
  3. acquire new skills
  4. if you have good market connects, reach out openly and get projects. each person is out here to survive.. (Survival for fittest)
  5. if you are declared a failure, prove you are not
  6. be ethical enough to not reach out to same clients as what is not yours, is not yours.. you will get more better clients.
  7. learn to self discipline self through strict excercise regime, focused technology education and work on make-belief closer to industry solution projects
  8. try to invest some fraction also in social work initiative and work for a cause.. life will again bring you back to square 1 one day if it is really destined to.. so why not contribute for a cause and leave some please impressions in lesser mortals struggling for day-to-day livelihood
  9. For ones who are in HR role, do not try to keep monitoring too much on resources as they are not machines and may be they will work for full hours and keep their mind at home and come .. so what next (Productivty will remain an issue), rather encourage sense of belonging model.
  10. What about ones.. who actually are just thriving on some management merits of being trust worthy etc : – god bless them as they are in good spots as of now, however sooner or later, pink slip secrets will unwind for self..  as finally an organization needs actual performing team…  what is the use of excel sheets with great analytics if the person who is actually contributing to metrics is feeling insecure
  11. The ones who will get job benefits because of such disruptive changes should also not remain contended as sooner or later, the individual is again going to face similar situation
  12. Learn to live simple and do not hoard too many assets… This principle is followed by large investors when they fund startups and do not like liability driven companies. Look at recent huge loss making startups who thrive on numbers

PASSION FRAMEWORK is for ones who have courage to probe, innovate their life and scope their life for a cause. It can be set in any environment, all you need to do is Act on the scope and own, nurture the cause.

Cause could be ”seeking a job back again, being happy all over again, restarting life all over again, and smiling back all over again to understand your life is not ended.. you are making a new beginning.. enjoy and this time do not just again get into mundane job, rather also initiate a startup

Machine Learning

Machine is learning ? or we are learning from machine?

Why does Pappu want to understand whether the blog penned is subjective or objective in writing?

Pappu a data scientist keeps wondering what would have happened if blogs stopped allowing subjective writing?

Subjective means referential, contextual.. in lay man terms boss..

Objective means with evidence.., direct to the point..

Did we ever try to understand what style we write?

Pappu says ‘machine learning is hot.. he is building a tool to analyze behavior of human through resumes?’

His mentor Sarah always smiles at Pappu

Sarah ‘very easy to fool psychometric tools.. once we know the formulae’

Pappu ‘do you know many a time.. so many viewers from facebook see the blog but that count not added in wordpress’

Sarah ‘tough norms.. enjoy.. why you bothered’

Pappu ‘do you know most of time we have 90% information waste and only 10% useful..’

Sarah ‘i feel only 1 out of 100 lines useful’

Pappu ‘Machine Learning can just summarize things ok’

Sarah ‘common… just using full stops… if logics capture summarization.. we are only fooling ourselves.. that is not analytics’

Pappu ‘writings can make all your senses active.. so which sense gets active.. on that boss making tool.. internet of thing for you’

Sarah ‘weird.. but exciting’

Pappu ‘ i was just experimenting reading a happy romantic novel and you guess what.. few of my senses got ignited’

Sarah ‘did you put sensors to gauge that?’

Pappu ‘eventually yes.. hope you all got boss machine learning, internet of thing type projects here.. in small way.. not trying to make you expert’

Sarah ‘are you working on this idea?’

Pappu ‘500 plus ideas out of 1000 plus blog.. enjoy’



Human Ware House

Ria is a human resource Manager.. She has decided not to marry looking at the family dramas which would happen day in and day out between her parents..

Her subordinate Joseph one day knocks at her door

Joseph ‘Ria, can i come in?’

Ria ‘Sure’

Joseph ‘I plan to leave.. Am stagnated doing the same payroll and some staff welfare stuff.. Am coming up with a concept and want to start something on own’

Ria ‘What you wish to start?’

Joseph ‘Human Ware house..  Our brains store all type of memories, Our heart stores all type of emotions. so am going to do analytic on type of blogs penned in Word Press’

Ria ‘Why Word Press. You can choose any other blog too’

Joseph ‘Am building a framework’

Ria ‘Wow… I can invest in same.. ‘

Joseph ‘Ria i heard you hate men’

Ria is silent

Joseph ‘Have seen you aloof and never interact with men comfortably’

Ria smiles

Ria ‘Am interacting with you’

Joseph ‘Cup of coffee.. can we? a good sea restaurant’

Ria pauses..

Joseph ‘It will be a secret meeting.. I promise I will not tell any other people’

Ria smiles

Evening time Joseph and Ria are in a far away beach.

Ria ‘I love the sea waves..’

Joseph ‘I was reading Filipino Special blog.. and analyzed the data and here is the report’

Ria is shocked.. A full visual report of emotional insights of the blog’

Ria ‘How you did that?’

Joseph ‘This blog writer is a lonely person.. Is confused with life.. She needs loads of love and awaits right companion. I can see the pain in her writing.. Specially the write up..where she longs for a companion in evening… all alone and sings a song

Loneliness is a pain

A pain in my heart

Heart feels the pain

Brain feels the pangs

I watch the lone bird

flying up in air

how is it happy all alone

never saw two birds holding

hands flying together

if they can manage it all alone

Why human cannot

Why i need a companion

A loving companion for self

A human ware house

full of emotions and memories

How I wish someone would

explain me how to get

companion.. I await

i await love all the way’

Ria stops him from saying further

Joseph ‘Ria.. do you wish to lead life like this all the way’

Ria ‘Am scared.. i don’t like quarrels’

Joseph holds Ria’s hand

Joseph ‘Ria.. i want to explore your heart and mind.. a loving ware house full of compassion and passion.. Each section of heart I wish to explore.. I read your writings.. I feel you too are expressive.. Just come out of your state’

Ria hugs Joseph and bursts crying

Joseph ‘Human Ware house.. if it gets full.. It explodes as tears or anger or frustration or revenge or hate or love.. So don’t over load your heart and mind’

Ria hugs Joseph tightly and whispers ‘Please never leave me’

Joseph ‘Yes dear but at least accept my resignation letter’

Ria smiles ‘So you are getting free from me being your boss.. ‘

Joseph ‘You will be my boss at home MAM’

Love quotient

Love begins with a flutter in heart and an uncanny restlessness. Love keeps questioning in mind whether it is for real or a temporary phenomenon. Nick has this massive crush on his teacher.. She is 12 years senior to him.. A widow.. Mary has a 6 year old kid too.. Her husband met with an accident. She is an excellent statistic teacher and Nick wants to pursue his doctorate in data analytic.

Nick ‘Madam.. why are you staying alone.. please have someone identified and settled down’

Mary ‘you have come for a purpose.. complete your course and focus on same’

Nick ‘Am doing my research on Love and its emotions and how it impacts consumer behavior so obviously i got curious’

Mary ‘Nick.. your eyes show the crush.. very much visible’

Nick gives her a rose

Mary ‘Nick.. I give my kid chocolates’

Nick ‘If you look at love dimensions..there are many type of love.. brother, sister, husband, wife, girl friend, boy friend, father, mother, crush, platonic, friend, lust’

Nick ‘my research says that if someone loves someone truly, only that person stays besides you always and the gifts are of nature of necessity items (food, groceries and may be dinner on birthdays or happy occasions and rarely rose or lily given’

Mary ‘there you are.. you gave me rose?’

Nick shows a big packet of groceries for Mary

Mary ‘common Nick.. this is too much.. you are crossing limits’

Nick holds Mary’s hand..

Nick ‘I want you to measure love quotient for next 30 days.. every day give a score 1-5 on how you feel being with me.. and as you are a statistician.. let us play this game

Mary ‘you are mad.. you are bringing statistics to relation’

Nick kisses Mary on her lips…

Nick “Am sorry.. a spur of moment.. let us do it’

Mary gets conscious and reluctantly agrees

Every day Nick showers a rose and sometimes a kiss on lips or cheek and hugs..and even makes food for Mary’

Mary gets drawn to Nick but she doesn’t share her scores’

On the 29th day.. Nick slaps Mary hard on face

Mary is surprised at this emotion

Mary ‘what did i do?’

Nick hugs Mary tightly.. and says ‘Parting time.. am leaving this class’

Mary has tears in her eyes..

On 30th day Nick doesn’t give any rose or hug.. both are silent

Mary adds up the score and gives it to Nick

Nick ‘Mary.. this becomes my data for research..’

Mary ‘you used me as a teacher.. you played with my emotions’

Nick smiles and says ‘you gave full 5 scores whenever i hugged you and gave 4 when i kissed your lips and 3 when i gave peck on cheeks, 2 for gift, 1 for the slap and today 0’

Nick ‘so physical intimacy does play an important role in your relation?’

Mary is silent.. she feels like a research object

Nick shreds the scores and hugs Mary

Nick ‘Mary. .am going to take care of your kid and you.. I didn’t know any other way to get closer to you… and only one question.. why you gave 5 for hugs?’

Mary ‘As a person experiences full body and it is great feeling..being hugged’

Nick ‘Mary.. am launching love quotient calculator and also a startup around it.. LOVE ANALYTICS business where at US$10 i will assess love factor in couples..

Mary ‘wow.. nice.. i am there to support you’


education needs studies.. knowledge needs easy availability of information.. and intelligence needs easy way of discarding useful and non useful information.. hence all who wish to get into any type of intelligence services (artificial intelligence, business intelligence, health intelligence.. realize you need data, information and then your intelligence to retrieve useful report from same..

Unsure Love

He loves me.. He doesn’t love me

I love you venture.. i guess it is fine if someone takes over

Is she the right person for me?

He is an important person in my life and will always remain so

Why is it so hard to tell him that I love him more then self?

Is the heart beats for him or is it just a normal happening?

Sarah musters courage to go near Jim the CEO of company who is dashing, charming and eligible bachelor. She is the key resource of the venture and has madly fallen in love with Jim

Sarah “Jim.. i wish to say something.. but not sure.. is it something special happening between us?’

Jim ‘yes.. machine learning, analytics, data science’

Sarah’am talking of human emotions… I feel am in love with you’

Jim ‘Am unsure.. many girls have proposed me.. I do enjoy your company.. not sure..’

At night Sarah thinks over her love for him

Sarah ‘Is it for Jim the human or Jim the CEO or Jim the handsome looking guy?’

Sarah smiles at self and says ‘Good girls should keep their search on without getting dragged to one sided love’


Always remember that if I search for a girl’s name on net

i should see


Leg ware

Women Entrepreneurs

Women Rights

Schemes for Women

Matching Girls

Likely images

and what else..

Low and Behold your romance compatibility statistics too (Numerology)

John Baba’s funda of relevancy..  did you get it?

Not only exact matches all relevant matches should come..


James puts his name in Google and lo and behold..

James comes

James Bond movies seen

James Bond games seen

Men ware


Goggles and what not..

and James had put his hobbies somewhere in site, it captures those too