Investor fears

Rafi is a top notch investor and now fears that he will loose his money in the startups which he has invested all his ways..

Spark his close friend who is also an investor chuckles

‘why you fear Rafi.. you made loads of money and only 10% of it is moved back to angel funds’

Rafi ‘I fear because the angel groups have gone into habit of having over 10 plus investors investing in one venture which does project a large deal size.. ‘

Spark ‘everyone wishes to be follow on investor hence’



Anything which is not reachable can be reachable through a Bridge.

We bloggers are nothing but bridges to the audience to facilitate them with new information, theories, experiences, incidents, news and make the information reach out to common man.

Any media in the world are bridges.. Can you imagine face book or twitter or word press shut for few weeks? Our response would be to check next available blog or social site and latch on to it..

Internet is also a bridge…

Moral of story: Any angel group, technology group or social responsibility group are nothing but bridges to facilitate flow of information or assets or even people.