Startup bubbles up in Air

Startup bubbles up in Air…

With so many startups emerging all over the world.. the air gets filled with a vibrant ecosystem full of enthusiasm till reality check comes in..

Sam ”we have exhausted the last penny of the investments.. need another 100M$’

The board members look at each other and smile..

Sam ”what is your decision?”

Jack ”I have 2% equity in your loss making startup though it is valued US$750M.. so seriously speaking.. I do wish .. someone puts in 100M more to get it going”

Banker Rocky ”dear all.. we can invest.. but you need to acquire at least 4 companies more to consolidate your positon”

Sam ‘Sure.. we can…”

Rose ”seriously am not sure where we are heading.. the sentiments are not too rosy.. it seems the entrepreneurs are just not willing to boot strap with zeal any longer.. all looking out for some investments’ and only then the show goes on”

Sam ”No Rose.. we did boot strap…”

Rose ”anyways.. whatsoever is board decision.. let us go by that”

After the meeting

Sam ”Rose.. you could have been less nasty..  what about our personal quotient’?”

Rose ”it finished way back.. when you left me for Sophia.. and remember.. I did the whole lot of bootstrapping and helped you get seed funded”

Sam ”Rose.. one lesson I learnt in this game..

Rose ”what?”

Sam ”never feel shy to seek funds”

Rose ”I know.. you well”

Sam smiles





Roney is an industrialist who has just announced a corpus of US$1000M for promoting entrepreneurship.

There is a big buzz around and his news is flashed all over..

Soon he finds many investment houses reaching out to him to manage the funds.. Banks/ Private Equity Partners / VC / Angel Investors / Angel Group almost all in industry rush out to check who is Roney?

Roney ‘This fund arises out of selling my gold mine in Africa .and you know.. i wish to contribute to entrepreneurship’

Ahmed from UK who is an investment banking CEO ‘Hope this is not another scam’

Louisa ‘Of course it is.. we have been invited for a big event in Marriot and looking at the splendor and almost all packed in this house.. don’t you feel we are looking like charity seekers or some one from NGO sector’

Francis begins laughing.. “Yes am from Mexico.. I suspect it is a SCAM’

Xiang from China.. ‘No i feel he would have made money by selling all the gold mines to some Prime Minister of a country’

All roar in laughter..

Roney arrives at Dias and to everyone’s surprise  almost all Ambassadors of the world are seen on stage… 120 country resources..

Nancy ‘Hey amazing.. first time I have seen such a huge event’

Ravi ‘Yes..but they have not put appropriate lighting arrangements in stage..Just cannot see faces clearly’

Roney ‘Welcome to launch our first big fund’

Compere announces a dance..

All are left wide open in their mouth when they see all top actors and actresses of hollywood, bollywood and all international celebrities almost 100 dancing on the launch

‘Funds oh Funds.. Universe needs Funds.. Funda of Funda..  Money o Money…Billions of Life

Money o Money.. Save Universe.. Save People.. Grow People.. Grow Entrepreneurs’

Some even check in google if indeed all are ambassadors… and they do look one..

Roney ‘Whomsoever interested in fund allocations will need to deposit US$1M as guarantee and give a projection of entrepreneurs’

All look at each other..

Ahmed ‘Almost unfair.. how can we show them 100 entrepreneurs and then seek US$100M.. Not possible.. for all you know the entrepreneurs themselves will be thugs’

Xiang ‘Smart guy.. He is trying to prove something’

Jas ‘Let us check how it moves’

The show ends and folks are eating food in Dinner..

Robert an International Ambassador moves near Roney and asks

‘Is the funds true or you have taken some huge loan to launch this event?’

Roney ‘Why would someone spend US$50M only on this event?’

Robert ‘What????’

Roney ‘Between us.. check on the magic soon’

1 week later..

Almost all over the world huge recruitment drives have begun..

Walk in Interviews to be Entrepreneurs

Entire industry gets harassed.. Employees moving to become Entrepreneurs..

Entrepreneurs again attempting to seek funds..

Thorough confusion.. and over 1 Million resources apply around the world to be entrepreneurs..

Back in US,  Roney is discussing with his Fund Manager Tom

Tom ‘Sir.. 1 Million folks wish to be entrepreneurs’

Roney ‘Blinkers.. Blinkers and Blinkers.. Do you really feel it works this way… How many have applied for social causes’

Tom ‘<15%’

Roney ‘That is the catch.. For profit is a misused term.. All come up with some models and projected success. Where is the impact’

Tom ‘Sir.. the investment houses have begun taking entrepreneurship coaching seriously’

Roney smiles…

Roney ‘They better do that..  Professional teaching mandatory.. No one should get just carried away with funds or invest mindlessly’

Tom ‘From where you got so much fund’

Roney ‘Do you feel RobinHood Stories were only fictions?  Did you not read the news that the Swiss Banks were on strike?’

Tom ‘What?’

Roney ‘Unaccounted wealth and you know how it works ‘

Roney smiles and says ‘To catch Robin, it is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE…  Now please do not ask me how could I influence so many people’

Tom ‘How??’

Roney ‘I was just kidding.. don’t get scared… Indeed all the gold mines have been sold to few investors and as broker have made US$70M..  50M gone the drain.. Am soon announcing 20M for Social Work Ventures’

Tom ‘This sounds like a movie’

Roney ‘Entertainment.. Entertainment and Entertainment’

Killer Money

Mani is an ace entrepreneur who is believed to be a man with golden touch. Excellent exits.. Life is going well till one day…

Mani rings his door bell..

No one opens up…

Mani again tries to ring the bell.. and even call his wife Jenny.. but no response..

Mani gets restless… He decides to open the door with a help and he is shocked…

His wife Jenny is talking to herself… and has gone a bit disorganized… She continuously keeps telling ‘Killer Mani.. Killer Mani’

He calls up psychologist Greg.. for help after going through google search..

Greg comes to his home..

Greg ‘Mani.. how it all happened so suddenly’

Mani ‘Not sure.. Everything was perfectly well till yesterday’

Greg gives an injection to Jenny and she falls asleep

Greg ‘Mani.. do you pay attention at home?’

Mani ‘Yes.. of course I love my wife’

Greg ‘Do you have kids?’

Mani ‘Not sure.. doctor mentioned me and my wife to undergo tests but we have not had time to go. It is 8th year of marriage life’

Greg ‘Did she undergo test?’

Mani ‘May be not sure’

Greg ‘I got the problem’

Mani ‘What is it?’

Greg remains silent..

Next morning

Greg returns to Mani’s home..

Greg ‘Jenny how are you feeling?’

Jenny ‘Alright.. but am feeling low’

Greg ‘Can we interact?’

Jenny ‘Not in mood’

Night time again Mani rushes and calls Greg

Mani ‘She is again in same mode.. Killer Mani’

Greg visits Mani’s house

Greg ‘Jenny.. am killing Mani as he has killed you’

Jenny ‘yes.. every time.. exit, acquisitions, take over , mergers.. mani.. more mani.. more mani.. so much self occupied with himself’

Greg ‘Is it Mani or Money?’

Jenny begins laughing to self..

Jenny ‘No difference..  Money made Mani.. Mani made Money.. but Jenny got killed’

Greg looks at Mani..

Greg ‘Mani.. she needs love and attention.. please be with her.. no harm to take sabbatical.. motivate her.. and be with her..  what is the use of all money if family gets neglected’

Mani ‘I understand…’

2 days latter

Mani and Jenny are in Airport.. waiting to board Switzerland flight..

Mani just goes for Loo and on return.. he finds Jenny missing..

He panics as the boarding is announced..

He frantically tries to call Jenny…

and finds phone ringing close by..

On reaching to the phone.. he finds a letter

“Jenny is gone.. gone for ever.. Killer Money.. thanks for all materials.. but i wished to have babies.. wished to be a normal mother.. i tested self too and found to be perfectly normal.. so.. I just played a drama to test you.. to see how you react.. I knew doctor medicines would not have killed me.. so tolerated those disorder medicines.. I found your email having some meeting also in Switzerland for some acquisitions.. keep acquiring.. am gone.

Next time if you go overboard.. stop by.. your new girl friend may just misuse you..’

Have already walked out of your life forever.. please do not try to search me.. or even think of me’

Investor’s Insights – Trending Life Style as the only way to get high retuns.

We make the best of pitching document and best of projects and the Investors smirk and say “This is not what we are looking at”.

Have observed a trend where investments happen in Entertainment, Leisure and Tourism.

What about social impacts? We are lost in the world of returns and multiplier expectations. Nothing wrong in it, but the world has too many complex issues and hence the importance of frameworks.

A person helps 2 to start business, each of two now help 2 each. A multiplier effect. Chain Marketing does follow this, but it selling of product from same company or unit. It is not entrepreneurship. It is more falling in small business categories.

For entrepreneurs or investors, it is very important to not get bogged down by failures or expectations but see society impact. As money already exists hence a person chose to be an investor. Spend money for fruitful endeavors which will make world a happy place to be in and the kids will smile and clap at you for the benefits you contributed to them,

Having said that a thought came “Do investors really look at business plan or the person or the team or just the influences from their team colleagues?”

I was interacting with a few VCs and Angel Investors and realized it is still INTUITIVE PRINCIPLES AND IMITATION which plays an important role in decision making.


I got lost in so many theories of entrepreneurship that I forgot for a second if I am an entrepreneur or an investor or an academician or researcher or student.

Isn’t it only MASLOWS’ LAW which governs the need of investors, entrepreneurs, academicians, philanthropy focused individuals

Physiological  –   Small Businesses

Safety             –   Corporates and Angel Investors and Employees working in Companies

Social              –   NGOs and Social Capital Forums

Esteem            –  Venture Capitalists and Serial Entrepreneurs

Self realization –  Philanthropy


Where do entrepreneurs fit it?  Somewhere a layer between physiological and safety  or safety and social.