Roy was a freedom fighter who is in ripe old age.. His son Robert is a dean of college and Robert’s wife Jennifer is an entrepreneur. Robert’s daughter Melissa is learning architect and his son Andrew is a software engineer.

On Martin Luther King’s day Robert organizes a big bash. Back in India his friend Jawahar mentions that after a week India has Republic day…and he plans to organize a similar bash through Skye.

On Skype

Jawahar ‘I want to see Roy Uncle’

Robert ‘Sure’

Jawahar ‘I want to begin a sensitive topic for discussion.. and invite large community view point’

Roy ‘What is it about?’

Jawahar ‘Freedom’

Roy begins smiling proudly..

Roy ‘We fought for our country to get free’

Jawahar ‘Are you feeling we got freedom’

Roy ‘Yes for expression of speech however at individual levels we still remain caught in web of life’

Melissa ‘Grand pa.. i love my space.. I don’t like someone entering my space’

Andrew ‘For me freedom is liberty to work on any time zone, be flexible, have work from home routine and if nothing else we can become entrepreneur these days’

Jennifer ‘I want to free from shackles of materialism and move to path of spiritualism’

Robert ‘Freedom is a kingdom where King is replaced by Free and it means you can do anything and everything you like with no one questioning you.  Get to an unknown island and just freak out without getting worried about diseases, viruses, germs and eat what you like.. For 10 years Jennifer controls my diet ..  I hate it.. So what if i have high blood sugar’

Jawahar ‘Here in India, we still struggle to get free from each other.. We love to create more states.. More power struggles, More investments needed.. We also aspire to be free from debt..’

Roy ‘Dear all. We fought for a country and got classified as freedom fighters and I see all of my young family members struggle too. to be free from some or other shackles.. but at individual level.. so all of us are freedom fighters

Melissa begins laughing..

All begin laughing..

Robert ‘Hence my pop am proud of you.. You fought to save lives of a large community. We fight to save life of our own self’

Roy ‘Life remains same.. Only perception of freedom fighter has changed with time’



Multiplex is a business model where the same space can be optimized to have multiple entertainment outlets..
Now where the story is..

James pens a thought and tries to patent it..
He decides to come up with a 40 film complex named FILMIPLEX where each theater will have only 50 seats.. and around 10 theater per floor..

Ranold the film distributor laughs it off saying this will not work..

James nevertheless applies for the architect patent and also ensures he reconstructs his single screen theater to 40 film complex with 40 different country food joints too in house with adequate child games

Soon he plans theme releases and his first release is horror movies complex 4, comedy complex 3, action complex 2 and family drama’s complex 1
He gets old movies with low cost from Ranold

Ranold is clueless and feels it will not run.. and low and behold the very 1st week it has full rush..
Almost house full..

James smiles and says ‘Who said innovations cannot be introduced in architect design. Do you know how it is designed internally..

Ranold is shocked..

Internally only 30 seats for movie and 20 seats are nothing short of private home rooms with built in refrigerator, toilet and even kitchen.. a 3 room planned out as balcony… you can watch movie and have fun..

So subsequent week he ends up charging US$150 for those room bookings subject to be given only to legal families (photo ID proofs needed). Each room can house 2-3 adults and 4-5 kids..

Ranold’s head is reeling

Is this the future?

Speechless Ranold decides to invest on James’ venture and they are in process of creating multiple FILMIPLEX

Sleeper Hit

The movie had a simple story

‘Francis and Freida both have a problem in their life with their spouses and on a rainy day get stranded in roads of London.. With heavy rains, Francis removes his jacket, tries to cover his head…Freida is trying to reach out to a cab,, but with no success…

Francis just comes close to Frieda and covers her head with his jacket.. She looks at his face and see’s lots of tensions…

Freida ‘What happened?’

Francis “Had a big brawl with my wife Susan”

Freida “Oh same here… my hubby Donald decided to leave me today”

Francis “What is your name?’

Freida “Frieida and yours?’

Francis “Francis…”

Freida “Rains can wipe away tears from face easily”

Francis “Am shivering…”

Freida “If you don’t mind we both can share your coat”

Freida calls Francis closer to her, and both are sharing the coat..

A speeding car splashes water all over them…

Francis “Never knew there would be no space to begin a new beginning”

Freida “I didn’t get it..”

Francis ‘Nothing… I just remembered my first love Naini, she too in rains invited share the coat”

Freida “and??”

Francis kisses Freida..

Freida’s face is red.. Francis “She kissed me then”

Francis “Can we start afresh?”

Freida “My bags are still in his house.. Can I share your apartment?”

Francis “Sure.. my wife and we shared the apartment rent.. Can you?”

Freida “Sure..”

Francis “What do you do for your living?”

Freida “I am an architect”

Francis “Wow.. I am a real estate agent..  I never realized a perfect combo can occur in rains”

Freida hugs Francis..

Producer Rock, Director Steve and Actor Tom and Actress Angel look at the shots..

Tom “It is a different role, hope folks love it..”

Angel “Yes.. Am very nervous,  I have a glamorous image, and here.. more of emotions”

Rock “It is a low budget movie, an experiment.. If it clicks, plan to make more experimental movies..

Angel ‘What is it?’

Rock “Ones where we use different techniques in story telling, experiences and themes.. If you notice the splash of waters”

Steve “it is like trying to clean both the characters with water and make them start afresh.. It is the turning point”

2 weeks latter the movie is released, and it becomes a sleeper hit…

Rock to the press  “Do you know this is a unique film as its title was never mentioned through out the publicity campaigns and even trailer”

Press reporters “Can you at least inform us now what should be the title of the movie.. It never came even at beginning of movie.. How did the censors pass this movie?”

Rock “The movie is titled   Love Showers”

Tom is happy that a simple movie has gone out well the public and Love Showers has recovered its cost and given a 2 X profit..


Sculpted Beauty

Alfresco was a sculpture domain expert.. He worked with a team of engineers to come up with contours through a normal photo.

These contour maps would be put on GIS tool and a 3 Dimensional photo would emerge..

One day his friend Linda see’s him profiling a celebrity photograph…She had just met him the other day in an exhibition

Linda ‘Why does she wish to see her 3 Dimensional photo?’

Alfresco ‘She is ageing and wants to see the scars, cracks developed on her face and send those samples to a cosmetic manufacturing company for R & D’

Linda ‘But your tool can show wrong results too’

Alfresco ‘We actually have the 3 Dimension photo tested with the actual person and make small alterations again, so may be it may be 80% accurate’

Linda ‘Why do individuals love to see their sculpted form?’

Alfresco “It looks beautiful.’

Linda comes closer to Alfresco

Linda ‘Can you sculpt only my eyes’

Alfresco begins taking the dimensions and also takes her photo’

Alfresco ‘Hey your eyes are in love’

Linda ‘Yes.. for you’

Alfresco ‘But I have uncertain business, hence no one marries me’

Linda hugs him..

Linda ‘My life itself is uncertain. I had left my home back in Vietnam and decided to settle here in Spain, Uncertain life, no shelter, I would keep moving to various events in search of a groom or a partner.. Would do some small errands and survive’

Alfresco ‘Am quite elder to you’

Linda ‘Age and Love has no correlation’

Alfresco just then receives a letter

He is overjoyed as he has been chosen to be core architect for objects to be put in sculpture museum

He looks at Linda and happily says ‘you proved lucky for me’

Both Linda and Alfresco are married and have 2 kids.  His business is doing well..

Sometimes individuals of different age groups can fall in love, it sustains well too as finally beauty is in eyes of beholder.

Finishing Touch

There was a sculptor Gee who was very good in sculpting and one day was designing a statue of a lady with assertive eyes. She had sharp nose, chiseled features. Gee’s girl friend Linda arrives and she feels something is amiss

Gee ‘I made a perfect girl, not sure why you feel something is missing’

Linda ‘She is sitting, her posture is composed, lips too expressive, ears too real like, her neck shapely but still something is missing’

Gee “Please tell me, I have to auction this soon. you know I make a living on this”

Linda calmly “God has also sculpted us, some imperfections do exist, still we survive right”

Gee “See we are not talking of humans here, I want this sculpture to be part of a big castle where the lady positions herself as Queen of that house whom the family members can believe in”

Linda “Are you trying to push idol worship”

Gee “No, I want to project importance of lady in a family”

Linda “Can you have her eyes redesigned to be lovingly assertive rather then assertive.  A Loving Lady can change the décor of house, its environment”

Gee “Yes I agree, I made it a bit too assertive”

Linda “Also her smile, it needs to be broad, not close lipped”

Gee “Why so?”

Linda “The entire world of family should be absorbed in her smile”

Gee redesigns the sculpture and auctions it..

Gee finds many appreciations but no one purchases the sculpture

Gee comes back to Linda

Gee “Something amiss”

Linda “A male sculpture besides her with an equally smiling face”

Gee “Why do we think of woman and men in isolation, why cannot we think of them as couple”

Linda “If your target audience is family in a castle, always remember couple is needed. A king does need a queen and vice versa, if a queen is alone, most important to find a king for her”

Gee “Hey do you feel I am your king?”

Linda “All these years you got lost in sculpture, un certain business, creativity exists but you never knew whether I was your Queen”

Gee “I get carried away with perfection and end up being imperfect”

Linda “Never stretch perfection so much that you end up loosing time, money, energy as if things are not going right, it is not, set a timed milestone and exit of that sculpture”

Gee “Will you still support me”

Linda “of course yes, we are live in couple for 8 years. big period.. “

Gee “Marriage.., can we marry?”

Linda “Only when you stabilize”

Gee “Not possible when..”

Linda “Suggest you to supplement this business with creative interior architect décor business”

Gee “I will Linda, I will join an architect firm and take up job”

Linda “Yes such creative work should be part time business and then keep pursuing, maybe one day you get successful”

Linda hugs Gee

Linda “I am there to support you always but if we wish to settle, then assured money too is important”

Gee “Ok part time sculpting business from tomorrow”

Linda “We will marry next month”

Gee takes up a job and marries Linda..

Moral of story : If all in family end up being startup entrepreneurs ensure at least some one has stable income to survive others else we will be landing to debt track.

Finishing touch is all about perfecting one self to execute business either through angel investments, self funding or even being employee and converting hobby to part time business in long run. Family commitments at time become major obstacle in entrepreneurship

Lover’s Paradise

Lovely Garden

Full of Flowers

Chirpy birds

Calm Lake

Bench Around

Couples Together

Dream of life

Being Together


Whether is it writer or director or musician or fashion designer or technical architect or lovers or a startup entrepreneur, all need lover’s paradise to be creative and value add themselves by bringing innovations to their existing activities.

All of us need to visit gardens more regularly and take time from our busy schedule.