Gift to someone

Gift to someone

Not by money

Not by articles

Not by ornaments

Not by real estate

But by insurance policy

Gift someone the same

For not today

But for future

(Have observed many parents in US living with no insurance policy..  no risk cover.. they have come as guests to meet their kids and.. no cover.. why so.. not sure.. but unless we do not change our own mind set to care for people genuinely, all these mother’s day, father’s day, valentine day, brother’s day, father’s day everything gets meaningless as the intention has to be genuine care and love.. it needs to be through helping that individual get secured eventually.

Entrepreneurs in quest of building companies at times neglect their families. so please do take care of your family well.



Mr. Oak had a fascination for gems and would collect precious gems from all over the world. He was generous and believed in charity. Every year he would organize grants for NGOs and Researchers. He believed that one day he would identify a gem in a human being.

He was getting old and before he reached the unknown abode, he wished to identify at least one gem who is a human being.

He declares a grant of US$5M to NGOs who will be able to identify individuals in society who are

1) Non corrupt

2) Have achieved significant performances in past 5 years with evidences

3) Contributed to a society project freely for past 5 years with evidences

4) Have a simple living style but who still enjoys the world and is go getter

5) Has chalked out a road map of self education for self for next 5 years.

The NGOs begin wondering what is the logic behind this whole collection of set of humans.

The global search begins. It includes people from all walks of life. Many NGO officials whisper among themselves ‘How can anyone prove they are not corrupt”

Oak says ‘Do you understand the process of purification?’

NGO coordinator Pamila say ‘Yes we do understand that’

Oak ‘What is it?’

Pamila ‘Give the object a treatment and purify it’

Oak ‘So don’t stop searching even if one parameter is missing out it should work out’

Oak soon gets a sample of 1 million records across world and he puts his data analytics team to work and to surprise finds 0 results satisfying all parameters and over 30000 satisfying at least 4 parameters, 60000 with 3 parameters and Oak decides to stop..

Oak looks at the sky and tells loudly “Do you know God. I collected gems of all types, purified and even have many museums. 30000 fulfilling only 4 parameters. How to cleanse them to have all the 5 qualities?’

Oak gets an idea ‘Let us network them and give them tasks’

Oak networks all of them..

After 12 months, he again asks the NGOs to collect data

He gets only 5000 records and none satisfying more then 2 parameters.

He looks at god and says ‘I made a mistake. Gems need to always be looked in isolation and never put them together as if we do that, they are now an ornament which can be put by many but its uniqueness is lost’

Moral of the story: Don’t set too high expectations for people around you and your own self, in Imperfections identify perfections but set a tolerance limit and move ahead. We are not here to give a 100% pure gem, we are here to identify the gem in us and at least utilize those potentials to an extent that it begins appearing 100% pure. The hard work in that journey is what which gives the results rather then the gem itself.


Reach your heart through flowers

Flowers for all seasons

Reaching your door step

with a letter

“The last rose of the garden

I kept it and wrapped it

with some green grasses

Am not perfect

Accept my imperfect

Rose. It is red

No other color existed

Maybe destiny

So red rose for you

Smile now

I still owe the gardener

US$1. Can pay him

only if you motivate

by returning a smile.

Ok some lilies too I have

accept them too

and yes shoe flowers

Pink ones.

Accept them too

and marigold

ok I got a basket full

Accept them too

Am I pampering you

silly. I don’t feel so

Sometimes no harm in

giving virtual flowers

as I only know to reach your heart

flowers alone can work miracles”


Love Forms

Love!  Does it know where it begins and ends? It is never!

As love never begins or ends. It is a process of feeling the happiness and pains attached with love that holds our heart and mind to keep thinking of love.

 A small child holds hands of his mother wanting to take him to the garden and admist nature you find the child looking at birds and bees with innocence and the tender proximity of the mother’s love makes the child feel heaven exists where mother exists. 

 Frightened with scores of marks, the child hides itself behind a warm blanket and there father kisses forehead of the child and advices that life is not about scoring marks but about scoring in your nature to ensure people respect you for your nature and holds hands of the child and says ‘it is good you scored less as it makes you less complacent’ and the warm soothing advice of father makes the child feel god exists where father exists..

 And there a child with single parentage or no parentage, and as love takes them to a dream world., where the child wishes love can be sung the way others sing and love can be having rhythm or could be real and another child holds hands of the deprived soul and promises that love is also friendship

 Love takes its form to a desire as child grows and love soon feels it needs the warmth of a beloved to soothe its mind and heart and love could be fun with a rose gifted to the beloved or holding hands and looking deep into the eyes to see love smile or love demands an attention and there love decides to delay and the pain and pathos of love makes one scream to god and say ‘why do you make me fall in love when you want me to separate out’ and then love suddenly comes in form of a love and as you experience the warm arms you feel love is not lost. Love does happen again and again.

Love feels the need to know your beloved and feel the soul and body as love feels the need to be unified. Love expresses itself and recreates another love for self as love begins feeling that love could just be exciting or peaceful or even more dynamic as love decides and you wish love could be a bliss which could be prolonged as much as nature allows you to and love feels the warmth all over as love builds confidence in you that you do have your beloved next to you always.

Love caresses when love wishes to but feelings nurture when love doesn’t wish to and feelings create another love and soon love begins to feel left out,  the thought of someone sharing love with you makes you gloomy and there love asks for acceptance.. love can be shared. Love can be reciprocated and love never drops because you love another as love is only growing a family with uniform love.

 Love begins to feel a need to be loved more. Insecure love makes you feel as if the other day would be dry if love doesn’t exist and soon love doesn’t see appearance, doesn’t see who loves you and all love needs is another love. Love demands and love forgives and love becomes an experience of give and take feeling reciprocated with mutual care and respect.

Love is now ageing and love is mature but in the cold winter a warm shawl and a cup of coffee and love looks back and sees that love had always fought and love had always loved with your mind and heart and came back to you as it only knew you to be a dear treasured beloved and you were always there in the heart and mind and love looks at pages of journey where love never knew its origin nor its destination as love continues to meet challenges and surprises and love never repents as you were meant to be in love..

Love..! Moves to the space above us.Love smiles at us form of stars. Loving us again.

Makes us wish to always be in love as love alone can bring various expressions on our face as love slowly rises in form of another day of love.