Evidence based Entrepreneurship

If wishes were horses, all the assumptions we take during journey of entrepreneurship, would need to come out true.

Assumption is nothing but hypothesis. So evidence based entrepreneurship is all about providing results about the assumptions set.

Now a fiction

A sweet little boy believed in love. He undertook entrepreneurship quest to make love an essence in every one”s life

assumption : if a human has heart, the heart has to fall in love.

he took a sample of 1000 local individuals and found 20 not fallen in love yet but all others had experienced love at least once.

the assumption was working right..

now to prove next..

assumption: all lovers will gift at least once to their beloved

alas here he found 600 were one sided lover.. from 380 left outs, only 40 gave roses to their girl friend, 100 best wishes, 240 just took their lover for granted..

now the boy got a bit curious..

so out of 40 who actually gave rose,

he felt from 1000, only 40 was monetizable entity

means only 4%

but there his girl friend lara rushed and gave an insight.. from 600 one sided lover.. all purchased rose at least once to give to their girl friend or at least sigh and shred the petals in dispair..

wow now 640 samples seemed positive..

so next the guy decided to own huge lands and planted flowers left right and center.. and began exporting.. and now an ace exporter.. also angel.. the guy teaching evidence based entrepreneurship..

absolute fiction.. passion framework just tries to explain entrepreneurship theories in entertaining way.


Sure Shot Winner

Jack never lost ever in his gambles..

He had this strange notion of being powerful.. backed by his father who was an ace banker.. and set up a financial institution.

One day he decides to experiment with group of individuals interested in building a DNA analyzer to trace out if an Entrepreneur indeed has that something in genes or will that person need to be trained..

Jack ‘we need to ensure samples are adequate and you know the rest.. right?’

Samuel ‘one of the challenge is does education really make one an entrepreneur?’

Jack ‘ýes and no…’

Rose ‘it is going to be killer tool.. a wrist watch monitoring pulses of individual, blood pressure, anxiety and anger and accordingly.. you get your strength and weakness’

Harris ‘PASSION brings in our ethos, pathos , pain and pleasure all out at one go… Can that device also predict how passionate someone is?’

2 months later

Rose ‘sad news… kids seem to be better entrepreneur, college going too.. but in youth people are more worried of settlement, marriage, loans, luxury and are caught up with multiple emotions and then unfortunately at older age too people keen to give advice, mentor.. risk taking improves’

Jack smiles

Jack ‘we are going in right direction.. thanks to a framework…PASSION FRAMEWORK.. so what if he writes stories.. absolute fiction one.. is it not true that we are caught up in web of emotions and wish to do something all along but never attempt to do..  should you be waiting for late mid life to begin???  dear ones… begin right away.. make this hypothesis get rejected..

Farida ‘Sir.. what is hypothesis’

Jack ‘a statement.. an assumption.. a research question as a statement.. to prove it is true or not.. and then we have research method around it and so on’

Farida ‘next what…’

Rose ‘need a magic wand to make entrepreneurs successful’

Jack ‘a whip dear.. entrepreneurs need to focus on market and not on pleasing investor and media’





Known No and Unknown Yes

If ever life gives you a surprise, remember it ‘Unknown Yes’. It means destiny wants you to accept that ‘YES’

If ever life gives you a jerk, remember it is a ‘Known No’. Stay away from the environment, people and all entities who gave you that Jerk.

John Baba has strange sense of philosophy

He feels that Life is all about being through process of Known No and Unknown Yes.

Do you wish to exert self? You do because you do not agree to Known No and Unknown Yes..

All your forces are put towards trying prove the hypothesis false..

What is Hypothesis?

It is an Assumption.. In research jargon a hypothesis.

John assumes  Known No and Unknown Yes Impacts Life. This is known as Null Hypothesis

If you disagree and apart from you many disagree, it means the hypothesis is rejected..

If you wish to prove that statistically.. enjoy statistical tools. and more on that.. 🙂